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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Smoke, Concerts and Slurpee Adventures!

First time having alphabet pretzels, I made this for the kids.....always looking for giggle!
 I haven't  been on my  upstairs pc. much this week!
It's super hot,  and gradually getting hotter daily! 
 I  hadn't planned to blog this week, but changed my
mind last minute!! I'm busy with a bunch of wip.
I'll have a lot more art to show in Sept...for now just happily creating...

Love how blue and sparkly Cupcakes eyes are in this photo!!
It's Beardos Birthday on Saturday! I wrote him a long 
personal loving letter instead of doing a post for him!
As you may know we don't exchange gifts. I do however
pay for a concert or two. This week Cupcake got tickets
to Neil Diamond, day of, and they were really reasonable!
 Beardos brothers happen to take their 70  year old old mom, as
  it's her favourite artist! We all love Neils music and it was
  his 50th anniversary tour, so the kids were excited to see
him a second time!!! Not much into crowds I am 
always happier just to listen to the album and spend
my money on art supplies!!
The kids painted the large bathroom in the heat all weekend  then two concerts this week.
 The next day the kids went to  Bob Dylan whom they have 
seen two other times!!  It's my era yet I've never seen him or
most of the other shows they've seen live. This concert I am happy to
 report was excellent! As the last one fell a bit short compared
 to their first Dylan experience!!
These two are fabulous as delayed gratification as they
await concert dates often months after their Celebrations!
Fortunately there is a Rodriguez concert right on 
Beardos Birthday that he's absolutely thrilled about
  seeing. The movie Searching for Sugarman
is a fabulous story about Rodriguez's life!
We loved the movie and the music. 
Love their sparkly happiness...concerts are truly their forte!! 
Changing colours when it's a good combination make me so happy!!
 Not everything is always roses and buttercups, although
I do try to highlight that!! Sometimes people Cupcake
let heavy juicy watermelons roll out of the fridge  on their watch.
Having it smash to the floor leaving sticky juicy bits everywhere!
Check out how the " H" on my Laugh above the stove is  cut off....
Sometimes all you can do is Laugh and drink the
 remaining juice out of the watermelon! Then
help your partner clean up the mess! That's
what I call messy fun!! Glad I didn't have to
clean it up!!
Heres a photo a day before the deep smoke 
haze set into the lower mainland!!
British Columbia has had nearly one million acres burn 
 since all the fires started up country.  Not since I was five
has this happened. All the smoke has wafted all the
way down the coast to Vancouver!!  Many of the fires
are a 5 to 8 hour drive away from us!!
Hazy Sunset in Crescent Beach photo credit Cupcake!
There are many weather advisories and you can
smell it even thought it's hundreds of miles away!
 It hasn't bothered me so far but I have
stayed in the house!
Thick smoke haze from way up country!!
Todays weather!! double that and add 30 or  92F

This night they got dinner and brought it to the beach!!
Last Saturday Cupcake wanted to take a photo of the 
mariachi band playing at the opening of  a new family
 owned taco place  in our area!! She would have 
have delighted in trying their home style tacos had 
she not had food poisoning from Chipolte two days
 before her deviated septum surgery a few years  
ago. Ever since, the thought of anything taco,
 or black bean related is nauseating for her!
After taking a few photos  she headed to meet Beardo 
at seven eleven, where he was filling their two  huge 
thermoses with Slurpee's. Liquid sustenance  sugar  
to tied them over while painting the hot  upstairs 
bathroom! Cupcake grabbed the Slurpees 
to pay while Beardo quickly used the washroom. At
the register a man behind her asked if both
 cups/thermoses were filled with liquid.
They are quite a sight to see!! Meanwhile the
 cashier kept asking her if she would like a
  " (*&$%^;((*&@#$;*@##$*(;(^%%$ "
she said pardon several times!! Then finally
figured out he was asking  if she wanted
a punch card for her Slurpee's. At least
that's what she figured he said, after an 
embarrassing amount of "pardons?"
The man behind her volunteered, "He asked
 if you'd  like some wings!" A bit flabbergasted
 Cupcake  let out an embarrassing giggle!
 "Oh I thought he asked if I wanted a punch 
card!! The persistent Cashier asked once again
 if she wanted to try a  chicken wing.... "No thank-you" 
she responded in kind, still a bit embarrassed.
As she walked out the door two mugs in hand
an old man scratching lottery tickets said
  " Wow those are the biggest jugs I have
 ever seen!" She giggled wishing she had 
been quicker  on her feet and said," That's a first"
That's one area she is NOT her mothers daughter!!
She left giggling.......
Some how truth is stranger than fiction 
on their seven eleven adventures!! 
Jugs on the beach!!
Other than art supplies and shoes,
what is your favourite thing to spend 
money on? 


Valerie-Jael said...

Fun post. Glad you are all so happy, that's the most important thing. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Jennifer McLean said...

so we suffer together, I've got two fans going and it's still not enough! I'm in Nanaimo so the haze isn't too bad but heck we need some RAIN!! Happy PPF.

Clare Lloyd said...

Great use of the pretzels! Fab photos too

Jean said...

What fun! My new granddaughter is the one I am spending money on!

Mandy said...

Sad about the bush fires...we have terrible ones in australia...lovely photos...I mean...who doesn't love a good concert....Neil Diamond...wow....that would be a fun one...as always, thanks for visiting my blog and happy ppf...hope it cools down a bit for you there...i am tired of being cold...happy ppf...xx

Indira said...

What a funfilled happy week with family. Looks like you are having a great time in spite of hot temperatures. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment.

Faye said...

I love the colors you have chosen for your work this week. I must be terribly behind the times. I have never heard of alphabet pretzels but it makes sense. The wildfires this year have been terrible out west. I remember being in West Yellowstone during the big fire. Can't remember the exact year, something like '90 or '91. The sky was totally red, a very eerie feeling, and scary too. Your daughter is gorgeous.

NatashaMay said...

Wonderful post! Your girl sure enjoys life to the fullest. :) We all should give it a try, too.

Christine said...

I didn't know they had alphabet pretzels, how fun! Cute mixed media piece you did with them. Happy Birthday to Beardo! It's scary about the wildfires, I hope you get some rain.

Carol Rigby said...

Such lovely pic's of Beardo and Cupcake. They look so Happy. I love Neil Diamond too. I imagine him to be great in concert.

Andrea Priebe said...

Oh, I'm not into shoes, so only spend money on them when needed ... I think shirts are my weakness. I can't seem to pass up a cute shirt even though my closet is stuffed full of them. Love that Cupcake and Beardo get to go to so many concerts. I stopped going to them years ago because of the crowds and the crazy parking. But, still love the music :) Your posts are always fun Giggles ... Thanks for the spirit lift :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

Sandee Setliff said...

LOTS of fun stuff happening this week, thanks for sharing it all!

SLScheibe said...

I love your fun art with alphabet letters! Really cute and this was a fun post with lots of great photos. I love Neil Diamond too. Who doesn't? If I'm not spending money on art supplies or shoes, then I spend it on books or clothes. There's always something to buy. I'm a terrible saver.

Tracey Fletcher-King said...

The jugs story made me snort my tea! Happy birthday to Beardo and hope the fires are starting to settle. It has been on the news here as some of the firefighters from Brisbane have headed over to lend a hand. Our fire season doesn't start for another month or two but we are in the middle of controlled fires as they try to repair. It is so distressing to read of the massive carnage you are suffering... the devastation is huge... and the smoke must be everywhere ...
As to the heat... we have between 30 and 33 every day for six or seven months of the year... middle of winter here and it's 25 today! Which is just about perfect in my book...

~Rasz~ said...

What a darling post! Beardo and Cupcake are so precious! They both are very photogenic too. Love the adventures of the week. Thank you so much for sharing your family with us.I was surprised dainty looking Cupcake could hold up those HUGE jugs, let alone pose while holding them up,lol!!! They look so cute together. Hmmm...art supplies or shoes? I would buy more Liquitex mediums (okay that would be art supplies, right?), so I would buy two big pairs of curtains to use for my closet since the plastic stuff from 1970 has fallen apart and I can barely slide it open...and I would need 2 large curtain rods to hang the curtains from. That's all except MORE art supplies, hehe!
Big Hugz to you, Rasz And thank you for such a fun post! I am still smiling from the adventures. Hope those fires get under control.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Your family is lovely. You are so lucky to have them close with closeness. Happy Birthday to Beardo.

stefanie stark said...

It's so lovely to read the adventures of your two wonderfully pretty darlings and the story about the watermelon made me smile. I love the name "cupcake" it sounds so sweet! And your funny color changing artwork between the amazing fotos looks great! I hope the fires will be under control very soon.

June Walker said...

Those concerts look fun! I love the sunsets! I spend my money on art supplies, spices and stuff for my cat!

Jean said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

sheila 77 said...

What a very nice newsy Blogpost about this and that and Cupcake and Beardo's adventures. The concerts sound spectacular.
I don't spend an awful lot of money on art supplies or shoes but I do buy a fair bit of magazines and books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Your art is always so much fun! What adventures your family gets up to... I love to shop, although I'm trying to do less of it.

NatureFootstep said...

such a great post. :) Thanks for sharing :)

Margik said...

A great and fun post as usual! Your 'heroes' art piece is fantastic! I spend money on art supplies and books alike... the shoes I prefer few, but good.
Have a lovely week!
Mar :)

Neesie said...

A fun post...great art and what a lovely pair of jugs! (haha) Loved that!
Happy belated Birthday to Beardo. You have some lovely photo's there...they look so happy together.
I'm not a huge fan of crowds and wouldn't really enjoy concert with the masses unless it was allocated seats...which isn't really the idea.
I've lived in forest fire areas where my kids had to wear masks to school. Not pleasant and not an experience I'd like to repeat.
Stay safe xx

Pia Rom said...

Your blogpost always are the funniest stories and worse a price, haha! I wish I could have better english knowledge to understand each and every bit;) Love the part where beardo let the melon freeing its sticky juice...haha so often smashed some bits on the floor and for sure the floor is sticky for ages ;) ♥ Conny http://piaromsartjournaling.blogspot.de

Courtney said...

I love this post! It brought a smile to my face just reading about the fun adventures and silly 7-eleven jugs. ;) Looks like you two had a wonderful time. Love the pics and the fun art. Have an awesome week.

kat said...

Such fun here, all look so happy! The heat can really get too much, I hope it's cooling down soon your way!
I love to spend money on books, I'm a real book lover!
Best wishes dear friend to you and yours,
Kat xx

Lynn Cohen said...

Of course you are called Giggles, because you often hand them out freely on your blog posts. You left me laughing several times scrolling down this one! Biggest Jugs ever seem! LOL
Wondering, if YOU were carrying them might you have slugged him with one of the Slurpee holders?
Your art is always a joy to see. and one at toppish looks quilt-ish to me!
I can't not say Art Supplies for favorite things to buy, next would be books, lately been finding nifty clothing at garage sales and thrift stores. You should see the sparkly sandals I found for grand daughters wedding next month for $6 minus 30% ! Such a deal. I like shopping as long as there is a "deal" attached. I love that I discovered coupons on my IPhone for stores like JoAnn's and Michaels.
I got a $5 discount on a $13 spool of thread this week, which is great as I am going through thread like water with my latest quilt making craze.
Have a wonderful week, and hope the smoke and fires dissipate soon.
Glad the beautiful kids enjoyed all that music live. (not my cup of either)

Clare Willcocks said...

Alphabet pretzels - that's a revelation! I don't think we can get them in the UK! Lucky Cupcake getting to go to Neil Diamond - I've loved his music since working in a restaurant where they played it on CD!

Looks like they are both loving life, such a cheerful couple! x

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

The animals in your art are wonderful! Happy birthday to Beardo!

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