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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Snow People

 A very  hypnotic process to once again   
create a  series of  snowmen on pieces
 of scrap cardstock. Takes my mind off 
the nastiness in todays News feeds!

 I have waited  literally decades for certain topics
to be broached in media. Finally in my peaceful 
years they seem to be relevant. Oh why oh why 
did it take so long I wonder! In bed alone, my 
thoughts write pages and pages of words
 needing to be purged. Yet  I'm still not 
 ready to  share them!

I shall bide my time a little longer. Maybe 
in the  New Year I will have a say!
For now, my colour filled brush will
  swoop across the page, sedating a
 resurgence of old thoughts.
The kids on a trek out of the city to see a tree lighting ceremony!

I will enjoy the intricate colours of the season!
Listening to music, and watching Christmas movies.
A wonderful way to encapsulate peace during a
frenetic time!! I can honestly say the Christmas
feeling has hit hard this year! It truly is about
the love and beauty that surrounds me daily!
And all those amazing giggles we have teasing
each other!
Decorations were handled completely without my help this year and it was such a blessing!
The joy of having your decor done early 
affords you the  ability to really savour 
 the holiday moments blissfully!

There is so much pressure on women to
strive for perfection. Now with instagram
I'm sure it's even worse! Thankfully I'm
past all that. I think I've taught my 
Cupcake not to overdo! 

These two in hysterics trying to make a fun pose as I look on.
After 15 years  together, married ten years in
 February, these two still know how to play
 and laugh together daily!
After many attempts I finally got a few photos of  them in their onesies!
 Even though my kids don't exchange gifts they 
do buy a few novelty Christmas items to celebrate
the season. Unfortunately these fun onesies tickled 
someones sensitive bits so they're going back.
These adorable jammas have to be returned, bad fit!
Of course I had to sneak a few photos 
before they did. I'm not a good photographer.
 Any of the good photos have been taken 
by Cupcake!

The kids enjoyed slowly taking in
gorgeous decor at the Potters
Garden center! A plethora
of inspiration for any artist!
That ninja turtle Christmas sweater pretty much defines 
his era growing up!!

So glad Cupcake takes lots of photos for me to enjoy!
 What Christmas Sweater would define your era?

Mine would be Pink Panther....I loved the character
but not the movies with Jacques Clouseau.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


A little poem written in about five
minutes one late evening while
deep in thought!

 The egg  has broken
discussion now open
The yolk of it all
will cause many to fall

waiting in the wings
to see who sings
 held for years deep within
waiting for the conversation to begin
Substance abuse, food as drugs
pain suppressed corked with plugs
 Civil words never safe
trust eroded, an internal chaff
 On the edge years and years
waiting until someone hears

shake in your boots to be exposed
As they divulge, to gain repose!

Someone really knows how to have fun!!

These two getting into the 
spirit with their traditional 
first peppermint mocha
together to kick off 
the season! 

Anyone feeling the Christmas Spirit yet?

We like to enjoy the lights
music and colours of the season longer than most!

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Attitude of Gratitude

I splashed colour on the page and coaxed these girls out of the paint!
It's difficult not to be happy when you're feeling grateful. I can honestly say despite how sick my daughter and I were there was ALWAYS something to be thankful for. I was counting down the days to feel better. To once again have a really good sleep.
This is the back page of my Happytiler peeps journal!
Each day I was extremely grateful someone was there to care for me!  I was so fortunate to have a nice bed to cough in, a phone to play games on, and tv in my room to distract me when I couldn't talk for two days! 
These ladies were coaxed out on the opposite page... hence their similar coloured outfits!
 Even though there are rough days I always find joy in something. A lot of the 
time  colour really perks me up too!! Which surrounds me in my home!
First snow fall and Cupcakes photos were used in many online News outlets!
The leaves were still on the trees when it snowed!!
Cupcake loves the snow and took these  in the middle of the night!
The week before it was unusually warm at around 70 Fahrenheit
Sadly we both barked like seals for too many days to count!  Which prevented 
Beardo from getting any sound sleep. The remedies of old didn't work. All the
while we were sick,  good things continued to happen. Cupcake won a couple
of wonderful restaurant gift certificates, and got two really nice pieces of
clothing in the mail to survey. I had two nice conversations with friends and family.

Despite our grief, illness, pain, life still goes on and there are always beautiful
 little things to be grateful for. Especially when you live in such a rich 
country as Canada.

It's often difficult to tune out the nasty news and sad events but there is always
something equally  of good value  to focus on! Lately,  those days where the
news and coughing get me down I change my focus..... it seems to help. 
Along with a marathon of Jane the Virgin....on Netflix...what a quirky show that is!! 

      Other than art what have you been focused on lately?
 I missed everyone  the last few weeks and will try and catch up on blog 
reading this weekend!! I pray none of you get the nasty virus we just had!!
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