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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Snow People

 A very  hypnotic process to once again   
create a  series of  snowmen on pieces
 of scrap cardstock. Takes my mind off 
the nastiness in todays News feeds!

 I have waited  literally decades for certain topics
to be broached in media. Finally in my peaceful 
years they seem to be relevant. Oh why oh why 
did it take so long I wonder! In bed alone, my 
thoughts write pages and pages of words
 needing to be purged. Yet  I'm still not 
 ready to  share them!

I shall bide my time a little longer. Maybe 
in the  New Year I will have a say!
For now, my colour filled brush will
  swoop across the page, sedating a
 resurgence of old thoughts.
The kids on a trek out of the city to see a tree lighting ceremony!

I will enjoy the intricate colours of the season!
Listening to music, and watching Christmas movies.
A wonderful way to encapsulate peace during a
frenetic time!! I can honestly say the Christmas
feeling has hit hard this year! It truly is about
the love and beauty that surrounds me daily!
And all those amazing giggles we have teasing
each other!
Decorations were handled completely without my help this year and it was such a blessing!
The joy of having your decor done early 
affords you the  ability to really savour 
 the holiday moments blissfully!

There is so much pressure on women to
strive for perfection. Now with instagram
I'm sure it's even worse! Thankfully I'm
past all that. I think I've taught my 
Cupcake not to overdo! 

These two in hysterics trying to make a fun pose as I look on.
After 15 years  together, married ten years in
 February, these two still know how to play
 and laugh together daily!
After many attempts I finally got a few photos of  them in their onesies!
 Even though my kids don't exchange gifts they 
do buy a few novelty Christmas items to celebrate
the season. Unfortunately these fun onesies tickled 
someones sensitive bits so they're going back.
These adorable jammas have to be returned, bad fit!
Of course I had to sneak a few photos 
before they did. I'm not a good photographer.
 Any of the good photos have been taken 
by Cupcake!

The kids enjoyed slowly taking in
gorgeous decor at the Potters
Garden center! A plethora
of inspiration for any artist!
That ninja turtle Christmas sweater pretty much defines 
his era growing up!!

So glad Cupcake takes lots of photos for me to enjoy!
 What Christmas Sweater would define your era?

Mine would be Pink Panther....I loved the character
but not the movies with Jacques Clouseau.


Nadya said...

What sweet little snow people, as you say,a good place to focus right now! and Cupcake looks so happy!
Blessings of the season to you!

Susan said...

Your snow people make a nice statement. Enjoy your season! Happy PPF

sheila 77 said...

I do like your snowmen and all the Christmas pictures. Yes it's the 1st of December and we are "allowed" in this house to start to celebrate Christmas! Great to see Cupcake and Beardo having fun.
I don't remember any special Christmas sweaters but I do remember lots of lovely cosy hand-knits.

Indira said...

Great photos of Cupcake and her partner. Sweet snowman sketches. Te holiday decorations invoke the spirit beautifully.

Faye said...

Great post, Sherrie. Like you, at least this year I have decorated early so I can now relax and enjoy the peace, love and joy of Christmas. The news seems to get worse and worse. I have mixed feelings about the current revelations because I doubt that a single male living has not at one time ogled someone. Taking advantage of someone is wrong, though, whether it is in a sexual context or some other context. I'm sure more heads will roll in the coming weeks.

Christine said...

Enjoyed your thoughts of Christmas today and your art!

A Colorful World said...

Your snowmen are adorable! And what a cute couple...looks like they have a great relationship! Loved that fairy snowman, too. Sop cute.

denthe said...

Oh wow, your livingroom is looking so inviting and cosy. Must be a pleasure to sit down there and relax. Love the pictures of Cupcake and Beardo. It looks like there's a lot of fun in your house :-)

laurie said...

now that's the way to welcome the season in!!

Katie Jeanne said...

Your blog looks so festive with all these Christmasy photos. Your snowmen paintings are adorable. :)

Sue (this n that) said...

What a lot of fun you're all having - your Cupcake and Beardo are a pair of sweeties... loved the onesies!
Your snow people are gorgeous too and, it's always lovely to find distractions from the other side of life - I'm a big fan of that :D) xx

Jean said...

Such fun snowmen!

Beth Niquette said...

The 80's when they had all those big bulky sweaters. LOL I loved the ones I could cinch in at the waist and covered my behind. :D I love your artwork. So fun and plucky! :D

stefanie stark said...

It pleases me so much to see all your unique and lovely snowmen assembled here. You really created a fantastic snowmen community to spread joy around what is a great task nowadays as I agree to your words and thoughts. And it's a pleasure too to see your happy family.

Latane Barton said...

I love your snowman tiles. Hard to pick a favorite but I finally decided that it is the one with the green hat and scarf.

Gloria J Zucaro said...

I love all your snow people and the fun Christmas photos of your family. Have a wonderful Christmas Season.

Gillena Cox said...

Your snow men are sooo cute. Nice jammies too

Happy you dropped by my blog this week

much love...

carol l mckenna said...

Love your snow people ~ so well done and your 'kids' in their 'onesies' are adorable!

Happy Week ahead to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What lovely snow people you've painted! They are so whimsical and fun. Your family seems very sweet too.

NatureFootstep said...

wow, this was a fun post. :) Love your snowmen. I have not seen any for several years where I live.
Nice of cupcake to take shots :)

JKW said...

The purple dinasaur. . .next time I see one, I'll think of you. Fun blog. . .OMGosh . . .yep agree there (re: certain topics). . . Appears (in OK) the past is coming back again and it is NOT pretty. Your art and words are wonderful. Blessings, Janet

Jenn Jilks said...

These are really fun!

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