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Friday, March 09, 2018

Celebrating my Daughter Again!

This completed canvas finally sits above 
my bath tub! The wall  shade is much
prettier in person and the painting
can be quite meditative even with the
bright colours!

 Even though I've been writing about my daughter 
and son in law often recently I still wanted to
honor my daughter  for International Womens Day!
 Cupcakes given name Is Pepper! 
Named after Dr. Pepper  Schwartz
who in the Eighties touted full support
for women's dreams!  Whether that  
be working full time or choosing to 
be   a stay at home mom.  I enjoyed 
her wisdom and loved her name!
I wanted my daughter to know as 
a woman she had the power to be 
who and what she wanted to be!
This card I made for Cupcakes Birthday she really didn't like! But oh well!
I wanted my child to know and value her 
individuality and uniqueness! To
be proud of who she is! I told her
daily that she was beautiful so
she would believe it,  put it
  on the back burner and get on 
with learning!
This little canvas was made for her too because she adores Llamas...she didn't like him either!!
  Even though her father cautioned 
against saying she was beautiful my 
strategy worked! I wanted beauty to be
a non issue...and you know what, it
has been. Never one to primp like
 her mother, she could be ready in ten
 minutes and still  look good!
She enjoys makeup but doesn't 
over do. Never gets caught up in the latest 
trends, although she enjoys fashionable outfits! 
More to her tastes rather than what's in style!
She has worn these red fluevog boots
  for close to twelve years now!
That's all superficial though....and she is more
than appearances! She is and always has
been about doing what's right for herself
and others! She has the best boundaries
of anyone I know! 
It's so interesting to observe your child as
an adult taking on causes  you too were 
once passionate about. She consumes
non fiction articles as fervently as I once did!
 Makes for some great mother daughter
  conversation, since we often  share
different ones the other may miss!
A large canvas in progress.... layer number two!!
 She's strong and independent, yet'
lets herself depend on her spouse
in ways I never did or would! She
relies daily on her intuition  in everything
she does,  it's never steered her wrong!
Sneak peak at my new canvases, with Beardo wearing my sunglasses from the 70's
She's her mothers daughter, blunt to a
  fault at times! I expect one day it may 
land her in a bit of hot water. At which
time she'll make some good tea!
Beardo grew  his hair to donate it to wigs for kids!!
She's a pretty terrific woman, way more than
 I   ever expected my  child to be! At three
she asked me not to swear, so I stopped.
 At twelve she directed and reprimanded
 a truck load of  moving men who mishandled
some of our belongings! Took on the male 
truck owner who tried to demean her! Then
 later watched me tear a verbal strip off 
him for mistreating his employees, my
  good furniture, and my precious daughter 
while our new neighbours, the moving men,
my friends, and the realtor looked on!
Beardo looking sharp all trimmed up...and Pepper with some fresh colour!
 I listened as my fifteen year old
didn't excuse, but excepted her
 fathers faults for what they were.
Then  safely compartmentalized 
them and set strong boundaries
knowing he was the only dad
 she had!
 In her early twenties I  watched her
jump to my defense by taking on 
  on her uncle when he was goading
me into an argument I was  refusing
  to engage in. That was no easy
task which left me speechless and proud!
Look up in the sky/tree and see......
 She's asked men and women pivotal
  life altering questions which steered them
onto completely new paths! She's
 helped many young women and
children during difficult times too!! 
She never walks by a homeless person
without acknowledging them in some
way...whether it's buying them a coffee,
a hotdog, or sharing a piece of pizza!
She's given them gloves, a scarf
and a nod that says, " I see you!"
There are so many amazing things about my
daughter that make me so proud! The way
she takes care of me daily is beyond measure!
How she thoughtfully buys me art supplies even
when I don't ask for them! Her heart is so
kind, tender and loving! Yet she is so brave,
strong, protective, and ethical too!
When she was little I used to ask her
to be good a girl because I was taking a risk
doing things different than other parents!
I was lenient, unconventional, and never
spanked her!
Truth be told I didn't need to ask her
  that because she always made good
choices. Every teacher told me what a
 great leader she was right from day one!
Best homemade Dads Cookies Cupcake made!
She lives up to her unique name!
It has served her well and continues
to do so! Today I celebrate  the
  amazing, funny, inspirational, generous,
 thoughtful, loving Woman I raised! 
I love who you are dear daughter and I'm
sincerely not one bit hurt you don't like my 
funny Llama art!! lol!  I'm just so happy you can 
always be totally honest with me!!

What woman in your life inspires you?
Happy Seventh Birthday to Paint Party Friday 
where a wonderful group of inspiring artists share 
their work!! Thank you to our hosts Kristen and Eva
and all the participating artists for their tenacious 
dedication to keeping PPF alive seven whole years!


Linda Kunsman said...

another loving and touching tribute to the lovely daughter you raised and the wonderful man who is your son in law. LOVE your painted canvases. And I agree the first one is meditative - like a mandala. Nothing wrong with your llamas but they do look mischievous ;) the women in my life who have inspired- my great grandmother, grandmothers, some of my teachers in school, an older lady friend who also since passed, and presently my Mom who despite her health issues and rough times throughout her life she is a strong person. I've been blessed with lots of good people in my life. Thanks for reminding me to take the time to think about them all. Happy PPF!

A Colorful World said...

I like your llamas...even if your daughter didn't! :-)

John R said...

Hi, Giggles. Missed you the past couple of PPF's. I love that canvas and that camel, or is it a lama, is just super. Your daughter seems like a very independent, intelligent woman. I think it's great, as a parent of a soon-to-be teenage daughter, that women's issues are being taken seriously. It seems that these things were pushed under the carpet for so many years. The times they are a' changin', as Bob once said, and for the better we hope.

Christine said...

lovely tribute to your darling daughter!

Clare Lloyd said...

Super canvas

denthe said...

Well, I do like your llama art Sherrie :-) I think they're fun! And I especially love your large canvases. Wow, way to go! That'll certainly brighten up a space :-) Happy PPF!

Katie Jeanne said...

Wow..cool name, and story, G. My first cat's name was Pepper, so I can relate to loving the name. :)

Faye said...

Cupcake sounds like an awesome young woman who will be leading our country in the proper direction some day. I like her given name. It seems apt, according to what you wrote about her.

Laila said...

I love your bathroom piece, it's perfect. Well, I always love your colorful art. I'm quite a colorful person as well, you know.

Lovely tribute to your daughter, it's so important to let them (our children) know.

artbyjune said...

I love those large abstract canvases. I like your Llamas too. Possibly, thought I would never have admitted it to her face...my big sister was a strong woman who influenced me in many ways. (sadly, now RIP) Independence, strong willed, persistent. Hi to cupcake.

stefanie stark said...

Oh I love the canvas that sits above your bath tub! And I think it's great to honor your beloved daughter for International Womens Day. The birthdaycards are so adorable! Although cupcake didn't like them they made me smile and feel good. Looking forward to your canvas paintings. The photo with Beardo in front of them wearing your sun glasses looks great.

Susan said...

Your large canvas is beautiful. And the llama is great fun in wonderful color. You have been busy. Happy PPF

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Wow! You do have an amazing daughter...which means you must be an amazing daughter. I love your llamas!
Have a wonderful week.

Gillena Cox said...

Wow such great work. Luv your inspired pieces for Cupcakes
And i am woww-ed by my daughter who at age 46 graduated with an MBA last year.


DVArtist said...

I am always inspired by your posts.I too honored my daughter. The tribute you made for yous shows the loving, kind mother that you are. She would not be the person she is without you.

Tammie Dickerson said...

I love your card - especially how the open mouth is tilted! Wonderfully expressive! Happy PPF!

Jenn Jilks said...

What a lovely tribute!

NatureFootstep said...

great post. You have a lovely family :)

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