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Monday, December 10, 2007

Writers Island " Decades of Christmas"

Fitting of the Holiday season,
I thought I might take you on a trek through a few Christmases past.

Decades of Christmas

Magical fifties Christmas

Homemade playhouse

With a Dutch door

Deluxe front window

A three year old squeals

In disbelief as she scurries

Her chubby body across the yard

Towards the little pink house

Daddy built

Delightful sixties Christmas

Hand sewn doll clothes

Carefully crafted on mothers

Prized singer machine

A wood doll crib an uncle made

A yogi bear ride on toy,

Brother rode for miles and miles

In circles around the hallway

Through the kitchen

Hippy era Christmas

Fighting sleep mother stays awake

To secretly Craft

Finicky crocheted

Barbie outfits

Although adorable

Would never compare

To the store bought ones

Her cousin got

Sassy seventies Christmas

Clock radio, cozy comforter

Bird of paradise perfume

Black wet look coat

White tam and scarf

Sneaking out in the wee hours

To stolen kisses

A romp in the snow

Grasping at independence

Married first Christmas

New home thirty miles away

A cherished treasure left behind

Holiday surprise

A childhood piano arrives

to the new place

Accompanied with a carol book


Music and joy fills her heart

Exciting early eighties Christmas

Baking, cooking, wrapping for days

Rose painting, diamond rings and earrings

Christmas Eve Pina coladas

Daiquiris, salmon hot off the smoker

Shrimp, steak fondue, baked potato

Games of bridge, and scrabble

Yet Christmas day she escapes

In an escapade searching for peace

Acquiescent late eighties Christmas

Rocking chair, Cannon camera

Two dogs frolic

Baby beckons arrival

Christmas Eve News

Dad has Cancer

That was "the moment"

They all knew

Christmas would never be the same


Anonymous said...

One can see each phases of your life here. That ending made sense too. Life is never same after dad is gone.

unconnected moments

Lucy said...

your''moment' shocked me and put a spin on your heartwarming Christmas journey Giggles. The piano arrival must have been so thrilling. I was thrilled just reading about it. The barbie clothes reminded me of a Christmas when I asked for Barbie but got some generic version. Bridgett?
Touching and timely post! xox

paisley said...

the fabric of which life is made,,, a lovely ride thru the past,, and a harrowing truth.....

artbrat said...

You expressed everything so succinctly. Thanks for making me think about my past a bit and bringing back warm memories.

JP (mom) said...

Wonderful trip down memory lane ... sparked memories of my own past Christmas' ... xx, JP/deb

Anonymous said...

A series of moments, but one will always stand out.

Thanks for sharing.



Mary Timme said...

Yeow! I feel like the cat who's placidly swiping her tail under the rocking chair rocker and the timing went wrong! What a clutch to the heart.

Preethi said...

Such wonderful memories and such a poignant finish...
lovely poem..

Tumblewords: said...

Superb! Absolutely! You walked me through life in a fine vivid way and even though I caught my breath at the last line, I somehow knew it was coming. Things are never 'the same', are they? Great post!

Tinker said...

So many lovely, poignant moments, Sherrie - thank you for sharing them with us. It was like a little walk down memory lane - I had some of those crocheted and handsewn Barbie clothes, too...
Wishing you many moments of joy this Christmas season~xOx

paris parfait said...

Such a lovely and unexpected trip down memory lane - some wonderful moments here! xoxox

KaiBlue said...

beautiful and haunting Sherri. life in words,dreams held in a moment.

PEace, Kai xx

Anonymous said...

You did take me through the memory lane and how the change of times makes each xmas unique and momentous... thank you for the journey. Very nice.


Pam Aries said...

Dear Sherri...Your Remembrances of Christmases past touched my heart..the pure joy...the heartache. Holidays are full of surprizes , not all of them happy. You arer an incrdeible writer!...THANK YOU so very much for your comment over on my blog! I love your way of thinking and I am going to d o pretty much what you suggested! Fun for moi ! ...I love the picture of your snowfall.! Happy Holidays!!!!

Keith's Ramblings said...

You had me smiling all the way through - until the ending which wiped the silly grin off my face.

Tammy Brierly said...

A walk down a beautiful memory lane until "the moment". Very heartfelt writing.


gma said...

hmmm there have been alot of Christmases past at this point in life!LOL Here's to many more in the future! Salute!

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