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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blogblast for Peace

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You too can participate in Mimi's blogblast for Peace

Go here to see more Peace globes and find the blogs participating.

Peace Please
If ONE Mother's child dies
then the war is not worth it!
Would you have it be your child?

I feel extremely passionate about the need for World Peace. Having lived for a time void of personal peace, I realized there is truly no monetary value to replace tranquility.

I have many symbols hanging in my home, a reminder how privileged I am to reside in a Country where Peace is possible. A lifestyle honed, taught, and mirrored. How can you make your lifestyle more conducive to Peace?

Some people thrive on chaos, so how much peace do you need in your life? What would you sacrifice for peace?

I believe Peace starts at home, with me, then reverberates into the universe. My father was a peaceful man, even when provoked he took the high road. He ate lunch with the shunned homosexual, he proudly displayed framed prints of children from all nations, and fostered loving sibling relationships between his own brothers and sister as well as my brother and I. I'm so blessed that I was raised with his liberal perspective. For me that's the foundation of a peaceful existence!
I'm excited at the prospect of a new day!

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Old hope is rejuvenated
The world observes
awaiting transformation

With p
eace their salvation Angels sing an ode of love
adorned by wreaths of expectation

Carrying visions of
peace Unity,
prosperity, and recovery

Faith, and promise are alive
in the sparkle of a child's eye

in the heart of a young adult venturing out
In the mind of the weary warrior,

Hands and hearts join together
with compassion and respect
alternative views and lifestyles
Striving for harmony

Blooming beyond imagining
Nectar of the soul
spews promise
to achieve success

nurtured by love and peace!


Lucy said...

very moving beautiful piece Sherrie!
Peace does start in our homes, How very true. Your photos and words harmonize beautifully singing such a much needed message. xox
thanks for connecting me with Mimis cause.

Sandee said...

Very well done. Peace to you and yours honey. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Peace Train is playing and I am looking at some beautiful images. What a happy feeling. Your blog always makes me smile anyway...but especially today.

Peace to you and yours,

Travis Cody said...

I like your suggestion about deciding how much peace a person needs individually.

Peace to you and yours.

gma said...

PEACE to your heart from the PEACE in my heart.

Lisa said...

This is a beautiful post Sherrie!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

stop by I have something for you.

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