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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nothing Prepares you

June 2007 Pepper with Ethan the day of his sister Jaynas Funeral
Ethan in March of 2007 during better days

Photo taken November 2008 during happier times. We had such a great night!

February 24th, 2009


Empty rooms

Full of toys

Empty hours

No more noise

Blank calendar

Appointments void

Nature’s decorum

Looms destroyed

Disabled children

Lives have ceased

Parent’s heartache


Changed world

Changed lives

Changed hearts

A mother cries

Dreams crumpled

To bits of rubble

Spirits captive

In sorrows bubble

Compassion staid

Of what to say

A couple’s anguish

In disarray

No words of solace

No words of just

No words of hope

To help adjust

Lovingly cared for

Through every ill

Needs and nuances

resolved at will

Amazing parents

Profusion to cope

Bound in adversity

On a downward slope

"Sorry," too lame

For suffering endured

Pardon my failure

for a germane word

Nothing I imagine

Can ease this grief

Vacant of answers

For your relief

So I hold you close

In thought and prayer

When the world disperses

Expect me there

After a difficult journey through life, my friend’s young son has passed away. Nothing can prepare you to have a child that never realizes his first steps, or throws his first ball. Nothing can prepare you for daily bouts of medication, feeding tubes and seizures. Nothing can prepare you for a monthly calendar jammed packed full of physiotherapy sessions, doctors appointments or having your child poked and prodded at Childrens hospital. Nothing can prepare you for weekly bouts overnight in hospital with your child during flu season. That’s what my dear friends have faced the last five years. As hard as is was, nothing is more difficult than losing that child. I can’t begin to fathom what it must be like for them to lose a second disabled child. To have no children occupying their home, to have life as they’ve known it halted completely, while ripping out their souls.

My friends have been the kindest most loving patient parents any child could ever have. These are the times I question life most. They are wonderful amazing people. I couldn’t have imagined better more tender parents for those two angels who graced this world for only a short time. I can’t help but wonder how my friends will cope with this huge void in their lives and in their home. Nothing could have prepared them. My heart bleeds for their sorrow. I am sad beyond words and tears…........often life just isn’t fair.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

My worse fear.

Anonymous said...

I have followed this little angel's life through you. I can't imagine the pain they feel right now but want to say my heart is with them as a parent and I mourn the passing of this tender soul.
He was a beautiful boy, and his parents were angels in their own way. My prayers and love to them and you.

Tumblewords: said...

Thanks for sharing... My thoughts and prayers are with the parents and family as well as with you and yours. The title of this is perfect... Be well...

Lucy said...

no words can express how much this tragic news breaks my heart.
I can't even imagine what these poor parents are going through. They are in my heart and prayers, as are you and Pepper and Bryan. Hang in there Sherrie. xox

Sandee said...

I'm so sorry honey. Often life isn't fair indeed. You and all concerned are in my thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time. Biggest hugs ever. :)

Tammy Brierly said...

This is a pain I cannot wrap my mind around. I hope they can help each other through the agony. Such a huge loss.

My thoughts and prayers to all who loved these precious angels.

Comfort hug Sherrie

Mary Timme said...

To lose a child! Can anything be worse! I think not. I'm glad you are close to them. This is such a sadness they need to be surrounded with love. Sending my small patch of love to them.

Patois42 said...

I'm so sorry for your friends and for you. I will include you all in my prayers tonight.

Forgetfulone said...

That is heartbreaking. I can't imagine.

altermyworld said...

my heart aches with this news , wrapping my heart around you

Anonymous said...

I am trying to catch up on blogging. Only to see they have lost their second child. I do so feel for these parents. So heartbreaking. I will keep them in my thoughts. Love Hugs and Blessing to you and them.

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