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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Influence Paint Party Friday

As a youngster  mother  always worried about who I hung around 
with. Falsely calling me in to iron with no actual ironing to be done!  
Hoping the  diversion would save  me from potential trouble. 
She worried what neighbours might think of her over developed 
young daughter standing around chatting in a group of mainly boys!
She had  no understanding of what  a strong  independent confident
 girl I was,  and what nice boys they were! However, I did become 
a bit wilder as time went on. Did she believe it into being....
or was it the hormones? 
In retrospect I had way more influence on kids than they ever had on me! 
I knew my own style, I knew all my preferences early! I was a mature
 young girl with many creative ideas constantly rolling in my head!
  I liked boys and they liked me! But I loved to bake,
 kick a ball, play baseball, rollerskate, bike ride,  
 play the piano, crochet attend choral groups and church! 
I was extremely independent and busy !
 I did  most things on my terms.
I was  wise beyond my years, much like Cupcake.
As a teen I'd strive for  intimate conversations.
 Young guys appreciated that about me! Difficult  to trust  
their peers they often sought me out to confide in!
  It helped that I was easy to talk to and very close to
 my dad who often challenged my thinking!
 To my surprise Cupcake was born more a stickler for 
  rules than I was! Albeit I have been a rule follower too, 
 risking my first u-turn out of necessity well into my fourties! 
Probably haven't done one since!   
You're welcome to laugh at me!!
When Cupcake  was eight I cut her hair in a bob....soon the other
girls followed suit. She was belittled when she wore her first
 pair of  bell bottom pants! The girl who made fun of those pants
 got a pair the very next week.
Evangelina face #26 #29faces
Cupcake  was always choosy of  the kids she  hung out with! 
 If they were dishonest,  mean, or if she spotted something off  
 about their character, she was inclined to  hang back, observe and 
assess! Wish I'd had a bit more of her smarts when I was young!
Face #27 Marsha
She is that way to this day! At fourteen she was called 
a great people reader...she still is! Her intuition has been 
her guide since childhood! I remember teachers all
through elementary and high school saying she
was a great influence!! 
Hennessy and Waverly Face #28 #29
  Quite the opposite to my daughter, as a child,
  even as an adult I'd often glaum onto misfits.
Ones needing a hand up or hand out!  With that 
 came a bit of drama! Over the years decades 
I  realized people tend to repeat bad behaviors leading to 
the same negative results. So in my wisdom,   
the last decade or sohave backed away from
 being an incessant rescuer! 
Which leaves more energy for creativity and writing!
Koby Face #30 just for the heck of it!
 Friends often remind me how I've influenced them to shop smart, 
or to learn to say no, to set boundaries with family, or to use
 their intuition! I tend to have people in my life who are smart, 
 wise and  think slightly different than I do. It gives me
the opportunity to  enjoy new perspectives, 
which helps me continue to grow!
 I never understood why parents in particular felt
their children were so vulnerable to bad influences!
We are their first example of good behavior.
Even though my daughter was a sweet little girl,
 I was a talker, unafraid to broach difficult subject
with my child!! More so than some who worried
about being too open with their children!
  There are those who believe the less ethical
person has more influence on the honest one!
I know Cupcake would never budge on that front!
Neither would many of my friends!  
     I was always of the mind that a good influence
can make a difference in the lives of those 
who tend to sway the other way!
Holder, Original acrylic paint  journal page
Over the years I have influenced others... maybe not always
the best of ways...For the most part as an adult my heart
was always in the right place!!  

Were you a leader or a follower? 
How have you influenced others? 

25 of the 29 faces


Valerie-Jael said...

An impressive array of faces. I hate rules....Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Ayala Art said...

All the color combinations are so crazy and awesome, love them all!
The grouping of your faces for the challenge are also fantastic, always a punch of energy :oD
As for the answer... I do hope I can influence people to dare to draw/paint/create and discover in themselves the art we all have inside ♥

sirkkis said...

What a great "face book". Your post is always full of colour and intelligence.
Happy PPF ♥

Laila said...

Oh, what a lovely blog header that met me today. Spring like and beautiful fresh colors.
Who was I, follower or leader? Probably both in different settings. As an adult I'm aware of who I am and what I like.

sheila 77 said...

First of all - love your new header, love, love. Love the decorated eggs and the flowers and bright sky and, of course, the bunnies.
You've given us a wonderful array of faces here, so hmmm, favourites - maybe Koby, face 30, with the flower in her hair and Marsha with her long neck and pretty dress and green hair (and a lovely face) (is she a trapeze artist?).
Fascinating blogpost with all the questions it raises.

My name is Erika. said...

First of all I LOVE your new header. What a riot and loads of fun. Then I also love all your pieces this week. That dog and cat with the people features on their faces are my favorites. Have a great weekend and happy PPF! :)

Anonymous said...

That mosaic of faces shows your talent and the magnificent way of using colors.

Liz Powley said...

You have some gorgeous colour choices. Happy PPF!

Best wishes,

Gillena Cox said...

Marsha#27 is my favourite for today. Happy PPF

much love...

minnemie said...

I love face #30! Her red hair and green eyes are beautiful, and the blue cap rounds it off splendidly!

Faye said...

I like your whimsical faces, Sherrie, especially the lavender one. I think you were an unusually confident young person. Most teen girls in my era lacked that confidence. Rather than run with the crowd, though, I chose to withdraw into shyness. As an old person, I can now forgive my mother for some of the things she said, knowing it was her love for me that wanted to spare me pain. I hope my children will forgive me of the mistakes I made trying to raise them to be caring, upstanding citizens.

Linda Kunsman said...

Love your mosaic of super faces! Your use of color always brightens my day:) I've always been a leader-mostly because I used good judgement and was honest and dependable. I stayed away from trouble by staying true to who I am despite opposition and opportunities to be otherwise. Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

Christine said...

I believe I am a follower, always tend to obey the rules, kind of boring isn't it? I feel spring in your header and art this week!

froebelsternchen said...

Wonderful faces and art...
I don't know weather I am a leader or not. I don't care about that.
Happy weekend!

Dea Lenihan said...

You are very prolific ma'am!
Love your work and how you go back and forth with the colors.
As for leader or follower, I was a loner to a point, but jumped back and forth between leader and follower depending on the timing. I can be very quiet while learning and very outspoken when I want to make a point.
I took a test once and it said I was an extroverted introvert--so go figya!

Granny Annie said...

These are so exciting, colorful and inspirational. I cannot comment on open ID for my EAGHL page so will give you the link here: http://trigra.blotspot.com The Granny Annie name is connected to my Fools Rush In Blog.

Mascha said...

I like your colors and faces. All.
I was not leader and not follower. I was always only my own (autistic) but I wish, I had more poeple in my life!
Happy PPF

Jess said...

Such beautiful colours, they make me happy to look at them! Cupcake sounds like a very wise girl as is her mother.
I was the opposite when I was young so to prevent the same happening again, I've always been very open and honest with my daughters and it's definitely paid off.
Have a great weekend!xx

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Great artwork, happy Friday!

Lorraine said...

all we can hope to be is just ourselves....we have all been given gifts but we just need to find them..you I think have been given the gift of eloquent words

DVArtist said...

Very nice art this week. Well every week. I like what you wrote as well. I was and still am a leader. I like being my own person. Have a happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good job on this thank you for sharing

Tracey FK said...

great art this week, and the header is jumping off my screen is a fabulous way!!! I am not sure if I am a leader or a follower... I was always the quiet one on the sidelines spectating... I am not much of a follower though as I am a big rule bender and stretcher much to Phantom's horror... but I am still a bit of a spectator... i like to watch and then just do my own thing anyway... I have always walked very quietly to my own beat... thought provoking as always

Julene said...

I followed you all the way through the story and enjoyed each painting! I can follow but would rather go my own way. I like fewer choices but want to do the choosing, for sure. Being alone does not make me lonely or bored. Art sure makes a joyful day!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I've mostly marched to the tune of my own drum since I was a child. I was well behaved, and although I didn't have a lot of friends, I had some very close ones. I'm still the same. I get along with everyone, but I only have a handful of friends that I confide in. A lot of people consider me a leader, but I lead mostly by example. Blessings!

Renee Dowling said...

Your colours are so delightful! I love the dogs giant grin and eye! I like the way you made Marsha's head way larger and then stretched her neck. It so suited your narration! All of your faces in your collage are so interesting to look at. They all seem a little sad or anxious. As usual, a very thought provoking, honest post. I was a quiet leader. I also had friends who were boys. I liked their honesty and faithfulness to each other. They didn't backstab and gossip like the girls did. I still am a leader. Thank you for your insights!

Carol said...

Love the art today! I was always a rule breaker. I pushed the boundaries way beyond their limits every chance I got. Often in trouble and driving my poor parents crazy. They were very strict and overly religious and the tighter they pulled the controls the more resistant I became. When very young they decided I could no longer were pants or shorts only skirts and dresses. I would do handstands in the front yard and walk on my hands for hours. We lived on a very busy street with no front fence. I was soon able to wear pants again :)

Cindy D. said...

Your new banner with the bunnies is SO CUTE! Terrific girl in the hat (teeth are hard and these look GREAT!) and lovely flying girls too!

Bestdayblogger said...

Loving all your art work! Love all the bold bright colours!

pauline said...

I always love learning more about you. And seeing your colorful portraits, of course!
For the record, i made two U-turns in town just today - sooooo, i guess i'm not as good at following rules. ;) You obviously raised Cupcake with a loving heart - and she no doubt has the same big heart. Happy weekend to all! xx

denthe said...

love your collection of brightly coloured whimsical faces! I make u-turns all the time, it's often allowed, isn't it?

GlorV1 said...

Loved all your faces. So much in those faces. Your energy just jumps out of those eyes. All I know is that now at my old age, I just want peace and quiet and wish for a little Mexican type kitchen with the tiles and all the beautiful colors. I hope to accomplish that with my little barn....when I buy it that is. Have a great week.

Mona Pendleton said...

Fantastic collection of vibrant faces! My fave is the little dog! :) so fun and creative! You are so talented and inspiring!

kat said...

What a fabulous collection of characters here, super art, full of spirit and character!
I always just went with what felt right for me, I wouldn't say I was a leader or a follower, just happy to be in the right company for me at the right time, always going with what felt good!
Have a beautiful week,

Saskia said...

Great & creative work!!!

Smiles, Saskia :)

alarmcat said...

Love all your characters this week. Regarding your question...I was always just a loner more than anything. Definitely not a leader but not always a follower either.

Deann said...

I just adore your wonderful, whimsical artwork...great stuff.

Beth Niquette said...

Your artwork, as always is so bright and awesome! I am a combination of leader and follower. I have had to become more of a leader since my husband passed away... It is hard sometimes. But somehow I am able to keep on going...well, I know why I am able to do so--it is the Lord who walks with me. :D

stefanie stark said...

Your notes were so interesting to read as I just had a chat with my husband about that half an hour ago when we had dinner. I was surprised to find the same subject here on your blog. When I was a child I was a leader to my brothers and my sisters because I am the oldest child of five. But in school and with friends I was more a follower than a leader and I'm still struggling to find the balance and still not sure if I am a leader or a follower. - I LOVE your new blog header and all of your faces! Your technique is phantastic!

Lisabella Russo said...

What wonderful artworks, so expressive and full of energy! The pup with the flower is so cute. I'm glad your daughter is a good people reader, I'm sure it's very useful.

JKW said...

OMGosh I love all your paintings this week (not that I don't usually anyway). Amazing woman you are. I pay no attention and want no attention paid to me. However, all my life from Kindergarten on girls have wanted to be me (they couldn't switch me b/c my mother worked so they switched her). Good grief, leave me alone. . . and stop 'stealing' my 'stuff.' By my own health/design. . . at work I wore flats b/c high heels hurt. I paid no attention, they can do as they please. Pretty soon I noticed some of the other ladies were wearing flats (it was obvious back then). They must have preferred comfort too. Just BE who you are. Blessings, Janet, PPF

NatureFootstep said...

you are so creative. It is wonderful to watch and read :)

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