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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Who Am I?

Inspired by a Heartbeat!

I am homemade apple pie in a purple kitchen
A crocheted blanket strewn across a cosy couch
I am chocolate chip banana nut bread
Warm and funny, and I laugh a lot
I feed many appetites belly and soul
A scrumptious meal served with a pinch of sympathy,
And frank honesty
I am a pierced nose at forty to free creativity
A mosaic of mystery in a magenta living room,
Inviting to wounded spirits, I mend hearts
With gentle stitches of love
I am a bag full of brownies to the hungry child’s heart
I hear their sorrows with empathy; celebrate their joys with jubilation
I care too much, feel too much, eat too much, I am larger than life
I am moons and stars and the nighttime calm
I am cautious, careful and creative in existence
An eggplant bedroom is my sanctuary for solace
Books, Music, scrabble, politics and procrastination
Quiet in some crowds and not in others
Loved by some, respected by others, I walk alone,
Sleep alone, but I am not lonely
I am courage, compassion and conviction
Tragedy has touched me; I’ve grieved and gone on
A massive head of tousled chestnut hair I am proud, patient
And profoundly present as a mother to all

1 comment:

keith hillman said...

So this is where it all began! Thank you for seven years of colour and joy!

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