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Monday, April 03, 2006

What would your instruction tag say at birth?

What if you were born with an instruction tag? A great question posted by a reader on Violettes message board. After some contemplation I wrote a few things that would definitely enhance the quality of my life and endorse a creative state.

1) Handle with Love, must not be exposed to any whining.
2) For full creative function must be kept surrounded with liberal perspectives,
daily giggles, loads of color, books, alternative music and intimate conversation.
3) To increase intuition, bathe daily with beautiful smelling water, and then douse in perfume containing patchouli undertones
4) Keep spiritually and intellectually stimulated!
5) For full capacity brain function; daily stimulation of online scrabble is imperative; must also have hourly availability of World Wide Web
6) Must be allowed to express eccentric nature at all times, without criticism
7) Surround constantly with positive energy keeping ALL negative energy at bay
8) Over exposure to dictatorship and the color beige could cause the soul to die.
9) When in distress, direct this spirit to a peaceful solace filled with an aesthetically pleasing ambiance
10) Continuous exposure to diversity in life will enhance all aspects of this being

In return, this entity will flourish creatively, love and respect you implicitly, be attentive to your needs, and share valuable intimate and intellectual conversation!
If none of this works, then feed homemade cheddar cheese perogies slathered in onions and sour cream, Ben and Jerry Chunky monkey ice cream, or strawberries dipped in purdys chocolate! Thai food works too!

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