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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Happening

Saturday evening in the seediest part of Vancouver The Happening had their first show since releasing their five song cd. It has been fun to watch the boys evolve over the last few years into a mature mesh of alternative music. Two brothers; (Bryan and Dave) their friend Shane have been writing and playing music together since grade school. Having passed through a few different phases these young men, all in their early twenties, are starting to hone a unique sound of their own. The boys have a huge repertoire of influences, everything from punk all across the spectrum to Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. An eclectic array of music fills any space they reside.

Practices, the majority of the time, are at my house. It’s interesting to watch the production of a song unfold. Instrumental is usually worked out between Shane and Bryan, while Dave, the lyricist, collaborates to find the melody. The process can stem from a few sessions, to many grueling weeks working out a song.

I am emotionally invested in these boys as Bryan is my daughter’s long term boyfriend, and the others are like family. Although I know they are capable of excellence, I found myself white knuckling it, as the show progressed. Mother to all that I am, I was hoping the night would be amazing. Except for a few glitches, it was a wonderful experience at entertaining on stage. Even I found myself surprised by shrills of goose bumps gracing my back, as Dave pulled out his mouth organ and played to the screams and chants of the crowd.

It was a “hurry up and wait,” evening. Check in time is seven and then they wait until well after the hockey game at nine. We all had enjoyable evening, but I am going to wear a “Please don’t kill me t-shirt” if we end up in that area of town again!

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