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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Unique Purses

Giggles Goddess Purse

Sassy Sequin Purse

side view


My daughter Pepper and I created these purses by covering a raw wood box with three different mediums. Pepper made her purse by collaging Beatles pictures over a pre coat of gesso, then followed with a few coats of modge podge and a few coats of varnish. She embellished the handle with large black wood beads and glued the remnants of a black boa around the outside to satisfy her passion for fur!

For the Giggles purse I used acrylics, and a few plastic jewels, over a pre coat of gesso, and just painted my handle. Then modge podged a few coats over everything, and topped it with another few coats of varnish.

The sequined purse I just painted over a pre coat of gesso, then glued the sequins in patterns, added a few plastic jewels, a few coats of modge podge and again vanished a few times.
My mistake with this purse was not taking the time to do really thin coats of modge podge. Worried about the sequins properly adhering, I chose to used massive amounts of modge podge, which did bubble somewhat during the drying process. It surprises me that I still get compliments on it. When I lay this purse out on the counter to pay for my wares, often times the cashiers swish it through, and automatically try to charge me for it.

The wood boxes we started out with aren’t premium quality, so it was imperative that we took every screw out and glued them back in, with either a hot glue gun, or crazy glue, just to insure they don't fall apart.

Pepper also creates many purses from vintage material. She has given me permission to post them at a future date!

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