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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter

Pepper put this little Easter Basket together with my favorite Purdys Chocolate. Some say I am a chocolate snob. The basket is actually a small fancy purse! A fantastic bargain for a dollar, reduced from twenty five.She knows I love a good buy, so she felt pleased to share that. Makes it all the more sweet!!! Wish I could say the same for the chocolate, which is like tiny morsels of gold!

Easter is here again. I just can’t believe how fast the years pass, now that I am almost half a century old. Easter to me, is like New Years is to others. A rebirth, a new start! That’s possibly what provoked me to start my blog at the end of march.

So I am cleaning up my life. Hence the Spring fever that started a few weeks ago. Purging and renewal the key elements to my daily function lately. I have trouble creating, when things are either too chaotic and supplies are not easily accessible. I am rectifying that. 

I have carted around a wood trunk for over 15 years, I am finally preparing it to be an art Chest slash coffee table. For now it will just get a base coat of black paint, eventually I may embellish it. The art table I created this year was damaged beyond repair. I salvaged the glass for a mosaic projects. I'm distressed that I didn’t get a picture of the finished project. Note to self; “always record any art you feel proud of!” That table always brought a smile to my face. Friends referred to it as my cat in the hat table. Hopefully I can restore some of the painted wood for another project. Every time I pass by the remnants of it in my garage, I get this angst, wishing it was still in one piece.

For a time, I was on some dating sites; yesterday I completely aborted all of them. I think I prefer to let go and let god. It was just drawing the wrong people to me. Honestly I am not sure a relationship is truly what I need or want at this juncture.

Eventually I will write about the craziness that goes with online dating. Its time consuming and an energy drain. So it’s back to the world of creating for me!!!

Easter dinner will be spent with a dear friend and her incredible family. By nature Laura is a true artist. Hopefully she will let me share some pictures of the dinner. Doesn’t matter what Laura does, there is always an expression of art and love involved.

Next weeks project is to design and cut out the squares for an art coat that I wish to assemble for the illuminaries Festival in July.

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