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Friday, April 14, 2006

Mosaic on the Mantle.

My Favorite art piece!

As you can see I did a small edit on this photo of the hand mosaic, mainly so you could enjoy more detail. It looks to be made with mirror, femo for the beads along the hand and heart, colored glass, and then framed in a copper medium similar to that used for stained glass work.

About five years ago, during an annual summer outing to the Art in the Park, put on by White Rock Artisans, I spied this little mosaic piece that I adored. Being a single mom on a budget I knew the purchase would be way too extravagant. So I just admired its beauty and moved on.

A few months later while window shopping at a local Art shop in Langley I spied the piece again, only now it had doubled in price. Even more out of my price range than before. The desire to purchase it had not waned. Gathering my wits about me I walked out of the store devoid of the mosaic.

The composite hand and heart together signifies who I am. My heart often feels the need to give someone a hand up. Not to menion my overt hand fetish pertaining to the opposite sex.

Every few months I'd visit the mosaic, for inspiration. It went unpurchased for well over a year. Then one sunny spring day three years ago, during a lunch outing with a dear friend we noticed the art store was having a closing out sale. Everything was marked almost half price. I bought my brother a beautiful hand painted art plate for his wedding. The precious mosaic I had yearned for, sat forlorn amongst the ravaged merchandise.

My friend offered to purchase it for my May birthday. I agreed, only if we could split the cost. She found a beautiful multicolored glass bead bracelet that I purchased ahead for her August birthday. With each glimpse of the mosaic on my mantle, I am reminded of that special day, and just how much I love my friend. 

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Gypsymoon said...

Hey Happy Tiler!!!
Way to go girl. Your site is awesome and I'm so proud of you. Wow.
I'd like to see some of your art work displayed too!!!!!

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