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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hotdog Buddies

Today when I awoke it was such a gorgeous day and I had nothing to share on my blog. I was reading daily meditations, pulling Tao cards, looking at pictures. Still nothing came to mind, except an unfinished draft of my romance with the color orange.

Then my Hot Dog buddy called and wanted to meet for a quick coffee. Bogged down with house work and lots of must dos. I knew I shouldn’t go, yet desperately wanted to hook up with my busy friend.

So Laura and I agreed to meet at Costco to return a few things, browse and have a hotdog. Ever since she found out I love hot dogs as much as she does, (with the standard mustard and relish) we have been having them in different niches. Known as the Gypsy goddess and Love Goddess; we are now hotdog buddies too!

It was quite a comical ordeal trying to take a digital picture of ourselves. By the fourth try we were giggling so hard that the camera was shaking. I’m sure the smiling onlookers were amused. Wondering why these wacky women were trying to take pictures eating hotdogs. Well by gosh, we were having great fun without drugs or alcohol!

Laura is my most adventurous friend, always game for fun. She has been known to kidnap gnomes, take pictures of them in different places, and then return them to their original spot. She started fun sock Friday in her place of work. Now every Friday all the employees compare their fun goofy socks to see who has the most unusual pair. She out does herself on every holiday and is the foundation of everything fun.

She is so many things to so many people. A very humble photographer, artist, writer, and the best party planner I know! She’s a traveler, who volunteers, routinely gives blood, has all the kids at her house daily and works full time. She never forgets a birthday. She is the lovely Laura from my “Laura’s life” poem and my gypsy goddess hotdog buddy!!


Maggie said...

Gee, I thought it was only my husband that made a trip to Costco for the hotdogs!!

giggles said...

Hi Maggie
Maybe there is a secret hotdog club out there! Or a H.A.D club, Hot-Dogs Anonymous! That WOULD be us! I’m pretty lucky to get even a few moments with my busy friend. So it’s always sprinkled with a few imperative errands! They just happened to be a Costco that day. Much more fun having them on the beach, or Commercial drive!

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