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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Half Spent

Sometimes it’s really difficult for people to absolve a relationship even when it’s very dysfunctional. There are many forms of abuse, some more covert than others. Mental illness can be very trying to live with. Often a young person will get roped in before they even know what’s happened to them. They become emotionally and physically entangled with a dramatic entity which can seem impossible to escape. This poem was written for a young man who is oblivious to what he’s dealing with!

Half Spent

When you show up at my door
I can see you’re weary then
The day’s been long
The emotions gone
And you’re half spent

She’s wrapped you in
Her clever web
Oh guilt, Oh desire
Zapping energy
Trudging through muck mire, half spent

Nothing sounds good
Creation’s left the house
Back to the rain
Wallowing in mundane
You’re half spent

You tell yourself
Next time will be better
With no sleep a sexual treat
And still today
You’re half spent

Fill up on your music
Try not to respond
It won’t get any better
Time just carries on
Today you’re half spent
But tomorrow you’ll be gone!

Written by Sherrie Leesa

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