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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I Choose Happiness!

Going to My In-between

I choose Happiness to reside in my soul,
Stimulate it with things to do, new things I’d like to know
So I search the net, for art and words, and things to discern
Fascinating information, many facts I’d like to learn
Obligations and interests tend to fill me to the brim
But on occasion, there’s a negative invasion, of the dark voice within
I stomp it down, in dismay, insisting it must depart
I refuse to listen, to pessimistic musings, barraging my head and heart
It lingers on at times, and plays a nasty trick,
But I know I have the choice, so happiness I pick
Sometimes for a moment, when people are acting mean
It can mar my very core, so I go to my in-between
A place where I can decide, what to think and feel
I go to happiness and faith, I give myself the spiel
It’s okay, it’s alright, and it’s meant to be,
When I feel their anger, it’s not necessarily regarding me
If they choose to rage, about something that I said
Of course I feel their fury and it turns to dread,
But when I feel that need to run, I go to my in-between
I talk it out, deep within, where I know it won’t be seen
I tell myself, its okay, it’s alright, and it’s meant to be,
I ask myself what I can learn, what do I need to see
Then I send it off in faith, to see what will transpire
I choose happiness and peace as my utmost desire
Doesn’t mean the fear is void and there is no regret
But happiness is the choice I make, my constitutions set
Often I release the pain when I sense a qualm
Leaving it with my spirit, I pray to feel the calm

Written by Sherrie Leesa

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