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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Letting His Hair down!

So here is our darling Bryan, the very gentle metro sexual man that resides with us.

For just a few moments Easter Sunday,by request, Bryan let his hair down.Both parents had bouts of Cancer in 2005, possibly motivating his adamant need to grow it long enough to be donated. April 27th he is getting it lopped off. His massive mane has been cumbersome lately, substantially hot and heavy for this leo male! He welcomes the change. We will all miss his lovely locks. Records of his long hair phase will be an interesting review for his prospective children.

Bryan’s an extremely creative man, whose many achievements vary from producing a delicious batch of cookies, to hand sanding and restoring vintage bikes, or writing a phenomenal piece of music and learning a new instrument. This gentle man is literally and metaphorically a giant in stature! We absolutely adore him.

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Lady K said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog.

You seem to be posting cute things too... Cute boys with bunny ears! :)Tis the season!

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