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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Right Direction!

I’ve been wondering what direction my life should take lately. When I remembered my Daily meditation book The Souls Companion
Having experienced so much loss; (family, career, marriage, health, dignity, and even self esteem), I have often used it to find internal solace. Randomly I open my book and read whatever passage avails it self to me. Almost every time there is a significant correlation between my quandary and the comforting passage on the page.

My Soul’s companion has traveled to every room in the house. Having been drenched in bath water way too many times, the well worn binding and pages were swollen when I finally parted with it. I released the book with love to a dear friend in crisis, hoping she could find the comfort and direction that I had.

Then I went on a quest to find a new meditation book, but nothing appealed to me. I resigned myself to live without one, when serendipitously the Souls Companion magically reappeared into my life again. There on the second hand shelf of a local Metaphysical store, amongst a smattering of used books, and in excellent condition, was my manual. Priced at only a few dollars, I was ecstatic to have found the rare little paperback needing a home.

Having purged a lot of the negative energy, and embracing my creative spirit again, I don’t seem to rely on my “Souls Companion” for answers as I did in the past. Still, every so often, I revisit it like an old friend, just to see what’s new!

I tried to download the page I turned to today, but I was unsuccessful.
Here is a small excerpt of that page. Titled
“My own Life”“When I live my own life, all the energies necessary to coordinate my day have a center of operation. I am living in my own skin, my relations and interactions are in sync with who I am!" In living my own life I guess I am going in the right direction!

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