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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fun-ctional Art

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of functional art. Every morning I have coffee in my special heart patterned mug. It’s beautiful and fun, and large enough to hold almost two regular cups of coffee. I begin the day working on my blog or with a game of online scrabble, coffee in tow. I have such a fetish about what I drink out of. I refuse to drink out of a chipped mug, and tea cups are not my friend. Mugs need to have the prefect handle to get my chubby hand through without burning my skin! Aesthetically I love to experience the colorful patterned mug, filled with a great java.

The heart shaped glass box is often filled with homemade cookies or truffles or something else yummy. The plate and bowl are also used as serving dishes. I have a variety of mugs in a different patterns and one other plate that I will share tomorrow.

My family is aware of my passion for Mary Naylor art. Many of my acquired pieces were gifts. I am so blessed. Everyday I am greeted by this art and everyday I feel grateful to be able to own a few of these creations. This particular pattern is not found on her web site, although my other pieces are! My motto of late is to “Only buy what I need or love!"

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