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Friday, April 28, 2006

Soggy Sundae

Posted is a picture of our dinner party Friday evening at Red Robins in celebration of my brother’s birthday. The waiters stood covertly by, ready to pounce on the birthday boy with a song. Unfortunately right at that moment someone from the party left for the washroom. One of the kids hopped up to bring them back. Meanwhile the employees stood waiting, all but tapping their fingers in anticipation of the event. Then randomly the oblivious Darcy also disappeared for a nature call. The rest of us left seated chuckled at the comedic chain of events. Megan and Sierra returned to the table, and after more waiting Darcy finally returned. Bryan was getting a bit anxious for his co workers, seeing that the restaurant was so busy, and knowing they were obviously falling behind as they stood around. Finally, after keenly waiting, the best part of the evening transpired. The table was barraged with the Red Robins staff toting a partially melted complimentary birthday Sundae. My brother was forced to his feet while they taunted him with a song. The funniest part is the fact that he won’t eat sundaes, especially with whipped cream!!!! Not good for his fine physique! He did however take one complimentary bite of the very soggy concoction!

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