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Friday, April 28, 2006

Estrogen Frenzy

Finally after three years of growing his tresses, Bryan severed it for cancer. His determination was admirable as it has been way too weighty for some time. Wanting to be sure to have at least ten to twelve inches to donate and then still maintain some semblance of a musician’s style. That, and the fact that us girls whined at the mere suggestion of him cutting his beautiful mane.

Yesterday was the day. The beauty salon was full of girl squeals the moment he released his mane from the double pony tail. There was an estrogen frenzy, as everyone surrounded him. Ally our hairdresser seductively ran her hands through the mass procuring her creative juices. Long, thick, wavy, virgin hair is enough to put any hairdresser in a trance.

My mother was a beautician for forty-three years and absolutely abhorred working on long hair, except to cut it! Her arms ached while doing extensive tresses, so when anyone booked a perm, or highlights for lengthy locks, especially if it was thick, she’d be tempted to decline them.

Still able to contain it in a ponytail for work Bryan is thrilled about loosing a few pounds off his head and neck. No more fur barrier! No more night sweats because the hair is acting as a blanket. No more having to spend half an hour combing the knots out after a shower. No more waiting hours for his locks to dry.

Do you think he will grow it back? Or cut it shorter?.............. I’m not telling!!

It was a beautiful gesture of love, from a Johnny Cash worshiper! Not surprising at all coming from such an incredibly thoughtful man as

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