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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Today I am an official BLOGGER!

  • How to Change habits"

  • Today is the twenty first posting on my blog, so that makes it officially a new habit. Apparently it takes 21 days to break an old habit, or start a new one.

    As a young girl I loved to journal, but life took hold and my diary days waned. During the last part of my long arduous marriage I started doing morning pages as a requested exercise in the book

  • The Artist Way

  • Intimate daily thoughts were to be recorded on paper. So I covertly did what was suggested, sealed my writings in envelopes and hid them between the pages of old books. Knowing full well there was no possibility my ex would discover them, as books were never his forte.

    One year after penning the pages, I carefully unsealed the envelopes to read over my past thoughts. Disappointingly finding absolutely nothing had changed in a year. That, among many, was one of the deciding factors for my divorce.

    Now my agenda is to write and share things about myself that may in some way enhance or inspire others to do what they love. Eventually I will share my more intimate nature. Ultimately my goal is to express words, thoughts, pictures and art that captures my essence, as a wonderful legacy for my beautiful daughter.

    Today I am officially a blogger!

    More Mary Naylor Art!
    I love this series because it depicts the big beautiful woman. Something I can relate to, as a renaissance woman in a diet drink world.

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