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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I passed by a mirror and my legs are now stumpy, I’m older now, and sometimes frumpy and dumpy………. but never grumpy, unless I see a child or animal unjustly treated.

I saw a man a while back, and realized my libido was in tack. I could hear my laugh in the room go quack quack quack as I listened to his quips of intelligence through the overgrown beard.

The intensity and propensity towards the arts, lured me immensely and

jarred my femininity
Sturdy Dark eyes pierced me like hot coals igniting an infatuation of passion.
A harsh attraction waiting for a grand reaction yet knowing it was an infraction, a taboo, a milieu for me and you to do what a couple must do when they are alone, just two.

I’m too old for you and yet I have waited almost a century to ingest this sense again. (feel this way again). A twang of a pang of attraction, but why must this be an infraction and the peoples reaction to my attraction, well, oh my, I’d just die.

A cradle robber and you are a few years older than my own spawn, whose relationship I have honed, who would not only moan but groan with a flatulent tone about her mothers ridiculous infraction of attraction.

His wit, his movements, his bohemian style, I love words and nerds but this is absurd
You’re a child and I’m not that wild, but you have me so beguiled

My thoughts are askew as I meander in the taboo of being with you, but I have a list of things to resist, your ferocious beard being involved in our kiss

It’s not true though It’s really attractive and I know it will be quite interactive, my friend said it would have to go, I don’t think that is so, it’s you, and I like it, unique in its style your whole darn package is part of my fascination of your wonderful creation, of wit and words and music that spurred emotion

Are you gay? I wonder is this just a huge blunder for my heart to feel, to lust and want to mount you as you sit upon that chair, imagining your large legs in your underwear, seeing your chest, full of hair was not fair, more fantasy filled the air as I just sat there willing to stare.

Oh gosh this sucks, I’m so old, and I have lost all my bold, as I write this, I cry out of my mold of mother to all, who come to my door, who I cook for and clean for and do so much more.

I am a mother you know of such a grand capacity and I live on the side of right and despite that you abhor those who are good, for the past nineteen years I have lived as I would, a good mother.

In my youth the dark side I mired, looking for someone or something which would have me inspired. A child and choice to turn it around and make a life for her that was sound.

Here I am today again drawn away into the fantasy of wanting the unavailable unattainable you!

Is it true I wonder do people need to know just how much they’re wanted, I know you could teach me and reach me where no other was able, listen to me as I spin this fable.

Why would you want an old worn out over spent, once indecent, chunky woman with cellulite, and trust issues and a daughter seven years your junior.

For a month now I have thought of you and tried to move on, I have tried to deviate and find another mate and nothing no nothing compares to that lustful night when all I could think of is, I want to sit on his lap facing him and have his manhood connect us at a deeper level.

Can you believe my foolishness? That a woman could lust over someone so young, I can’t believe I finally feel an attraction and it’s a horrid infraction because you’re way too young.

My obsession for a procession of google searches is making me a cyber space stalker.

Written eight months ago

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Lucy said...

wO! this is so sexy and so open giggles.. who is this mystery man? I don't give a *&^* how old he is.... If the attraction is that strong.. YOU GO get HIM! ... NOW! ( haven't you learned ANYthing from Demi?)
off to read the poem on the current post. xoxo

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