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Monday, May 29, 2006

Half a Century Old!

Carolyn and I go way back. Seven days apart in age she turns fifty this year too.We have worked together, played together and she was in the room right after Pepper was born. She is a woman everyone loves, kind and generous in everyway. There was a time in our life that we spent every single weekend together. Similar in many ways, both Geminis, we often showed up wearing the exact same color clothes or the exact same shoes. In the eighties I made bows for my shoes so we didn’t look like we bought them at a two for one sale. We laughed at the same things, said the same things, we both love words and books, cards and current events. She has shared her husband for odd jobs. Although we don’t connect as much as we did in the past, we remain forever friends.

Violette and Barb huddled together for a picture. Violette is my fabulous bohemian, Artist friend who lives in a magic cottage, and drives a glitter girl van! Violette is my inspiration to live an artful life. Admired by so many, she brightens the world with her unique spirit! Barb is my fantastic fairy goddess Writer slash dental assistant spiritual friend. We spend loads of time together, giggling away the hours while trying to understand life. She is thee cutest grandma I know!

My wonderful friends shared in my festive day! Most of the people at the party have been in my life for near twenty years. Although there have been lulls in our relationships, we always pick up from where we left off as though it were yesterday!

Others are newer friendships and valued just the same for the soul connection we share. I cherish each and everyone of them for the unique personalities that they bring into my life. My friends are ethical, caring, kind, creative, spiritual people and it was an honor to have them with me on such a pivitol day! Many of the friends unable to attend have made private dates to connect. So the next few weeks will be busy. Yet fun.

My beautiful Queen of hearts cake was made by the lovely Flower Elf slash Gypsy goddess, writer, jewelry maker, photographer, polar Bear swimmer, Laura, with the crown.Laura is an incredible woman who is all things to many people. She is an upstanding person who is alway willing to help anyone. She has the biggest heart, and the most thoughtful nature. She is truly an amazing person!

My cousin Kym the independant camper, fisher, jewelry maker, is always a sparkle of joy in my life. Our parents were best friends before we were born. We have wonderful history together, as adults we have spent some fantastic nights over the years playing cards and board games. Kyms adventurous spirit always blows me away. She is a very feminine take charge lady,with such a kind and loving way about her.

Pepper and Bryan planned and organized the party for me! Supplied all the decorations, and asked everyone to write either a wish, thought or feeling on a card which was placed into a scrap book for me to cherish. I can never say enough about these two. They are the biggest joy in my life. We are such good friends too! I adore their loving generous kind nature. Both very creative spirits, Bryan writes music and plays many instruments, Pepper makes jewelry and purses from vintage material. Thanks again kids for giving me the best party and for all the work and love you put into it!

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