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Monday, May 29, 2006

Marvelous Men

These are the truly great men in my life, the men who have rescued me, and helped me when need be. As an independent woman, asking for help has always been difficult. At times I would rather do without or go without, than ask for help. These men have been there for me at my neediest times. During a huge move, car trouble, appliance problems. I hate to take advantage of their good nature, but at times, when desperate, I call them and they are always so kind and loving about helping. I have huge trust issues around males. Except for these men who are dear and loving friends. I hope one day I am able to repay them!

Jeff has done odd installation jobs for me around the house. I have known Jeff since he was seventeen years old. We worked together at Safeway and partied really hard when we were young. He’s like a brother; I often attend his parties and see them on marked special occasions. I know I can count on him in times of need. His kids are the same age as Pepper, and she feels a real endearment towards them, like a cousin relationship. As the kids age, they too will enjoy each other even more.

Wayne has maintained the oil and grease jobs on my car. Come immediately to replace car parts, and picked me up when I have been stranded. Carolyn his wife and I have been friends for years. I adore Wayne; he is a Meat Manager that I met when I worked at Safeway oh so many years ago. He’s such a loving and compassionate man, who would do anything for anyone. Not only is he an incredible father, he is just a wonderful person in general. Loved by all who know him

Here we are brother and sister. Five years apart. He is my rock. We are such different individuals, yet the same in many ways. Both well rounded with a balance of feminine and masculine attributes.Thanks to our mother.We are passionate parents who would do absolutely anything for our kids. We always put them first. He is a fantastic dad, who is a real hands on divorced parent.His house is set up for the kids as though they live there full time. He is a man of extreme effort and excels in everything he does.We live completely different life styles but enjoy each other immensely. He has done many fixit jobs for me and is there to meet any needs I beckon for.

All the men are exceptionally busy men, coaches on kids teams, Wayne does Karate, and Jeff plays baseball, they keep perfectly manicured yards. So I try not to bother any of them with requests unless I am in dire need.

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