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Saturday, May 27, 2006

More Joy!

When Pepper and I came home from running around yesterday, Bryan had thoroughly cleaned the house. There was another present sitting on my art table. The kids kept pleading with me to open it. I was too embarrassed, actually pretty mortified at how generous they've been. I've always felt it was up to the parents to provide wonderful things for their kids, not the opposite way around. So I buried my head in the couch….and said I just couldn’t open it because I was way too embarrassed. They pleaded with me more and finally I opened it to my chagrin. There was a hair band with birthday girl written on it for me to wear! Six different sketch books one huge doodle book that made me laugh so hard. I knew it was Bryan’s unique idea. I will have to get down on the floor to use that one! (Quit visualizing!) Some purdys chocolate bars, mac lip glass and a pair of comfy pink panther slipper!

When Pepper was three she picked out some pink panther slippers for my Christmas present. They were excellent quality and I wore them for years, and then had them resoled with leather so they would last even longer. She knew I cherished those slippers, the first gift my daughter selected on her own. One of our puppies chewed the ear off them…..but I can’t bear to part with them so they are stored in a box somewhere.

When I saw the new slippers a very sentimental feeling came over me. Pure joy, of all the memories of my little girl, and how proud she was, and still is! I love you Pepper and Bryan. You are both incredible people!

This is one of the images I created for the 101 portrait challenge. Not realizing why I drew it . I now recognized that it represents my mom, and the legacy of herself that she left me. Her favorite color wasTurquoise blue. I feel all kinds of angels around me lately.

I think she would be so proud of her granddaughter and what an upstanding, loving, kind creative person she is. I have the daughter she always wanted. The relationship she always craved. She’d also be proud of the loving cherished friendship I have with my brother!

Tomorrow I will be fifty, time to revamp a few aspects of myself, even though it’s hard to teach, an old dog new tricks.

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