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Friday, May 26, 2006

My favorite Word Game!

Dave and Bryan Brotherly Love

Another huge Birthday surprise. A travel scrabble game from an unexpected source. David, one of Bryans nine siblings came running in the door before band practice and presented me with a gift wrapped in blue tissue and demanded I open it immediately just in case he doesn’t make it to my party. He wanted to see my reaction. It was pure glee I assure you! I have never even seen a travel scrabble board. As you know it is one of my greatest passions. That’s why I call myself the happy Tiler. No matter what, no matter where if I can get a game of scrabble I AM A HAPPY TILER!! My regular deluxe scrabble board is well over 30 years old. The box has a bad case of duck tape itise. If you click on the picture it will give you my favorite scrabble site. Very easy to load and get a game!!! People…..I said NO PRESENTS and I meant it!!! But thank you all the same. It is wonderful.

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