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Monday, June 12, 2006


Sometimes I think the happiest people just march to their own accordion. Doing their own thing. Not bothering anyone, helping others when they can. I often revel in the simplest daily occurrences. Lately it can be as small as driving by a large garden of white Calla lilies. Every year I yearn for their presence in spring. Being connected with my creative side gives me great feeling of purpose. I don’t always feel my best some days. I do get up in a good mood most mornings though. It’s my choice.

When my daughter was a baby, I couldn’t wait to get up and see her little smile. She was such a joy to my life and everyday was so exciting. This may sound a smidge too Pollyanna, and believe me I have had my share of toil and trouble. For the most part, even when things ache and my brain is sluggish, I am so grateful to get up for a game of internet scrabble. To write in my blog or just read some emails. I enjoy people, but I also love to be alone and read or write. Life is just interesting. I don’t comprehend boredom.

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