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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A vigil

A twenty six year old man I have never met, is possibly near death today. Such a sad day. The husband of my daughters step sister, may die. A herpes on his face escalated to an internal infection, spreading to his brain. Alerted by an excruciating headache, his wife rushed him to the hospital. Any possible recovery, could render him in a vegetative state.

I only mention this, hoping to inform others, to demand proper health care when they are hustled off, under diagnosed. A few weeks ago his wife was rushed to the hospital in enormous pain. She was sent home undiagnosed. She suffered two more weeks of immeasurable pain. Upon return to hospital, doctors finally admitted her uterus had been improperly sewn to the lining of her stomach, after a routine cesarean section many months previous.

Apparently the stress of his wife’s surgery, and caring for two small children alone, may have been the instigator of the herpes.

The biggest victims, in this tragedy, are the young mans two small tikes, both under four. I am praying that this stranger will be blessed with a miracle, resulting in a healthy recovery. So his innocent children, have an opportunity to know their dad.

Life can throw us some horrific curves, awakening us to the importance of each precious day!Illuminating our minute worries as ridiculous. Valuing each and everyone you love, every moment of the day is so important. Going to bed angry at those you love is a really huge waste of energy, and a phenomenal emotional risk.

Today I encourage my readers to swallow your pride and apologize where the need lies, and live peacefully. Find something wonderful to appreciate and say about those you adore!

Although my daughter has never embraced these people as family, I see this situation wreaking emotional havoc on her. Worrying about the children and their mother, while reflecting on her own life and counting her blessings.

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