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Friday, June 16, 2006

Clipped and Clean

Rox was groomed this week and these are his before and after pictures. He almost looks possessed in one of them!

Just think in March I thought we were going to lose him! We are resigning ourselves that he's not well, but enjoying every bit of love we can get for the moment!

This is my pal, my dear, my little love who follows me around the house all day long. Lately he is hot and sluggish here in Surrey, British Columbia. It’s muggy and his Cushing’s disease makes him more lethargic some days than others. I’ve been resisting putting him through the trauma of his summer clipping. Instead I immerse him in a cool bath, at random, all day long, even into the night. Yes I get up through the night to cool him off. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is!

Fed up with worrying about him, coupled with improper sleep, I took him to be groomed. Best fifty bucks I ever spent! He is so happy now. As soon as I faced the fear of taking him in , I realized how I had been worrying needlessly. He was comfortable with the whole situation and went in willingly, always resisting in the past. It’s as though he’d distinguished that it would be a good thing.

Now I have better spirited, more relaxed dog on my hands. He is still weak at times, sleeps more and pants lots. But he’s happier, has moments of spunkiness, and is back sleeping on the bed with me during my nap. He’s such a cutie patoutie to look at again, instead of a sad sack with bad dread locks. Don’t get me wrong, I love dread locks. I just prefer there is no heavy breathing involved while wearing them. Unless of course…………..never mind!

I wanted him shaved as close as possible, so he’s clean and cool! Rox seems to be smiling a lot more since he’s been spruced up. Or was it that I couldn’t see his mouth under all that hair?

There is only love and fear, yet sometimes they get misconstrued. I thought I was kindhearted and loving by alleviating the distress from his life. Instead the hour of discomfort has probably saved him hours of misery, being hot. Go figure, I guess its all in the interpretation! So many things are done with the best of intention, yet end up a misapprehension!

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