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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Violette


The Bohemian Art goddess lights my way
As I visit her exceptional blog everyday
Inspiring me, to let go of old notions
To expand creativity, with daily devotions

Her glittery presence, enhances a room
An artful experience, is what I can assume
Emanating love, as a generous guide
Innovatively encouraging me, along on her ride

Amusing, original, distinct in her style
Her allure to the world, is there to beguile
Genuine in her placid demeanor
She shares with the world, a mind that is keener

Devoted followers, she’s impacted our lives
Material contributed, she carefully contrives
She has altered lives with the kiss of her art
Her words, her spirit, and incredible heart

I celebrate the artist, devoted and kind
As I passionately follow, me of like mind
I wish you a year of fulfillment and light
Of laughter, abundance and joy in your plight

May you be endowed with peace and good health
Emotional, fiscal, and creative wealth
You’ve gifted me with inspiration, and joy
An immeasurable means for me to toy

Happy Birthday Violette, friend and mentor
Thanks for guiding me to my artistic center
For requisitioning a side, recently unknown
It’s a continuous gift that I’m devoted to hone

Take all the love you receive on your day!
Find a quiet place, to squirrel it away
Bring it out on the days that are blue
Embrace yourself with it, and know that it’s true!
Written June 15th, 2006

Love Sherrie

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