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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just Face it!

Just face it, you’re getting old
Embrace it, you’re wiser too
Just face it, time to shed the load
Embrace it, the young spirit in you

Just face it, you’re wearier now
Embrace it, there’s an artist inside
Just face it; you shan’t meet all desires
Embrace it; this new inspiration tide

Just face it, your bond is altered
Embrace it; memories inhabit your heart
Just face it, grief’s finally waned
Embrace it; feelings replaced by art

Just face it, you’re not the same
Embrace it, your generosity is past
Just face it; innovation’s required
Embrace it, creativity will last

Just face it; you may not have a partner
Embrace it, the peaceful time on your own
Just face it, sacrifices have merit
Embrace it, prosperity in the love you've known

Writen by Sherrie Leesa

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