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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Queen of My Heart!

This is my beautiful daughter at sixteen! For most of her teen years this unique princess marched to her own drummer. At 20 she is now my Queen of Hearts. A perfect title for a woman with a heart of gold! I say that not because she is my daughter, more because I can now separate myself and observe her being an adult. I am possibly one of the proudest parents on the planet. This Queen of hearts will always be my princess, and brings me joy daily! Thoughtful and loving she truly cares about others. At times she emulates some of my behavior, but she has also picked up some wonderful traits from my dearest friends. Courageously she knows what she wants and always goes after it. I am thrilled to be a part of her life. This is a woman who at twenty manages two retail kiosks, works for a Deejay company, makes jewelry and purses, has a flair for photography, is constantly giving and is excellent at diplomacy, organization, and really know how to enjoy people. A once shy little girl, who adored trolls, has blossomed into a wonderful social being with a phenomenal interest in people, and a natural ability to converse with anyone! I know you read this Pepper and I am shouting it out! I LOVE YOU with all my heart. Thank you for being such a precious daughter and the Queen of my heart!

Hey Pepper, aren’t you glad I didn’t talk about terrorism like I was going to? I know you didn’t want me to. Look what came up instead! Are you shocked?

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