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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Spicy Food and Conversation!

Friday night four of the goddesses gathered at a great restaurant. The food consisted of an East Indian and Asia influence. The sauces were suburb and we have made it our new favorite restaurant. For twenty two dollars we had a few glasses of white wine, a spicy meal of prawns, a delicious green bean dish , a Manchurian chow mein, a beef dish and side of rice. We settled on a more mild spice, as it ranges mild, medium and hot. The food is excellent quality and the hot is extremely spicy, hence the name! We sat in a cozy booth, and observed a continuous flow of full tables all evening.

It was an energizing time, full of giggles and great conversation. If you want to be assured of a great meal, check out the Chili Pepper House restaurant in Surrey B.C. They also serve vegetarian plates for those interested. Directory : Langley-Surrey-->12794 96 Ave,Surrey, BC V3V 7H7Tel. : 604-583-9987

FYI, did you know you can tell if your anemic by running the edge of a gold ring down your face. If it makes black streaks on your face then you are low in iron. You learn something new everyday! After I did that little experiment, my mutt was camouflaged and ready for war games! I guess I need more spinach! Again where’s the beef?


Zebigleb said...

funny illustrations on your blog

giggles said...

Funny is good! I will consider that a compliment, so thank you!!
Your blog has many wonderful photos, and the color is fabulous!
Thanks for stopping by!
Peace and giggles Sherrie

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