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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bohemian bed

Accomplishing a large purge in my bohemian bedroom has been extremely satisfying. Not big on wearing scarves, I decorate my room with them instead. Mind you the real ugly ones grow feet and jump right into the thrift store bag. I need color around me at all times, it feeds my soul. I tend to be a cave dweller, enjoying a cool dark ambience. As a child my mom would screech at me to open the curtains because I was not a mole. Hey guess what, I still like a cozy dark atmosphere. Dank is where I draw the line!

There were a few emotional moments as I sifted through old pieces of writing and items from my past. It will be ten years, at the end of this month that I have been out of a twenty three year marriage. I certainly never expected to retain this bed. I was hoping he would take it. I wanted something completely different. That bed and I have a thirty year history. Many times I have been tempted to paint it, and may do so in the future. The room is an eggplant color, which is more prevalent in homes today than when I braved it five years ago. It was more eccentric than fashionable. For now it’s my purple bohemian palace, my solace, my
sanctuary of peace.

View from my bed, now deceased Mom and Dads wedding picture!

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