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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Broken Blinker

I couldn’t help but laugh at the lady who drove by me yesterday, blatantly rolled her eyes, and then shot me a perturbed look. I was thinking to myself, WHAT, WHAT, what had I done wrong? Intuitively I looked down at the flashing light on my dash board. Again, I ‘d failed to manually turn off my broken blinker. Ohhh, if she only knew, I thought. She’d probably have more compassion. Possibly she thought I was purposely trying to inconvenience her, trick her into to thinking I may change lanes. Maybe she thought I was just a ditzy broad not paying attention. Geesh, she didn’t have to take it so personally. Giggling, I turned off the malfunctioning blinker. Recalling all the times I labeled someone a harebrain for riding around with a flashing blinker. At the time it wasn’t in my realm that it could possibly be broken. I assumed the person behind the wheel was an oblivious dimwit. There was absolutely no way I could conceive that this would be me down the road, annoying other drivers with my faulty blinker.

It’s very costly to have it repaired, ranking it low on my priority list. I need a new fridge, dryer and to pay off my dental first. The majority of the time I turn it off. Unfortunately on occasion I forget. If my hearing wasn’t so bad I’d probably notice the slight intermittent clicking sound more often. These are all the wonderful perks of aging!

I can’t tell you how many men drive by shaking their heads in disgust. A few “do gooders”, make a huge effort to pull up beside me and inform me I am still blinking! Next time you see a BLOCKHEAD with their blinker flashing the whole time you’re following them, and they never change lanes or turn. Please, for Pete sake, don’t automatically assume they’re an idiot. Lighten up, give them a sympathetic smile, and a gesture (avoiding the use of your middle finger), that their light is blinking. It could be me! You’d be surprised at just how fast I get it!

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