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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Celebration of Light Cruise

I was fortunate enough to be invited on a cruise for the celebration of lights Saturday night. This is my second wonderful trek onto the water to see the fireworks. What an amazing night! We enjoyed a barbeque dinner, delicious appetizers, and every genre of music with a neighbourhood of passionate party people.

Last year the kids jumped off the boat to swim. With a final reprieve from the hot spell this year, the kids didn’t bother with an evening mid ocean dunk. They danced up a storm instead. The galley roof was swaying as they jumped to the tunes.

Before dinner we cruised in search of the Ted Turner owned Yacht the GEORGIA, docked at the Coal Harbour Marina. Apparently it’s been here for a few months. Not much of a celebrity hound, my insatiable curiosity to find material for my blog ignited my interest enough to take pictures. With my keyboard and google search at hand, I am so glad I did.
One of the men on the cruise suggested the anchor for the yacht was probably worth more than his house. We all chuckled, while I jested that I would clean the bathrooms, or make Ted a Thai salad for a peek inside! Rescued from the humility of being the lavatory lady, I found a cyber tour of the Georgia instead.

Later that evening spotted in Vancouver water was the Serenade of the Seas cruise ship. It was amazing to be motoring in water so close to the majestic mass. People peeked out the port holes of the lit up ship,and waved down at our bellowing boat of dancers. Even a picture could not express the feelings of grandiose we all felt being right next to a decorated ship of that magnitude. We furiously waved and screamed greetings at all the passengers who peered and waved back.

Chinas presentation of fireworks was beautiful and the finale was one of the largest displays I have ever seen, although some of the color combinations weren’t my favorite.

Around midnight the night ended with a small trickle of rain hitting the deck. We all quickly boarded the charter bus, and many of the partiers turned into pumpkins on the ride home.

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