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Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Yard

She holds many of my secrets
In a land I no longer know
She holds many of my memories
In a place I can no longer go
She still holds my love,
It’s lucid and large and lasting
Ache creeps in and insists
I attempt emotional fasting
Unaware of my perplexed state
Or my trickles of dejection
She often uses salted actions
Sprinkled on wounds of rejection
Shattered shards of hopes and dreams
Trashed with disregard
Rejection, a grueling impediment
When it keeps playing in your yard

written by Sherrie Leesa


Gemma said...

Your flowers and poem are beautiful.
Take back your love from the rejector.

giggles said...

Thank you so much Gemma. The flowers have really been struggling against slugs this year. “Take back the love”….ahhh……. if it were only that easy! I will ponder your suggestion, thank you!

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