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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

For the sake of love!

Bryan spent a better part of last evening diligently painting these shoes for Pepper to wear at a concert today. She had a shirt made up with the logo of the company she works for, bought a pair of cheap white runners and planned on painting them to match. She had company cards made up with a twenty five percent discount so she could hand them out at the concert as a marketing strategy. She fell ill and retired to bed early. Bryan, the incredibly supportive boyfriend, asked her how she wanted the shoes done. Then he proceeded to artistically emblazon them as she wished. They often finish each other sentences. It always makes me chuckle to hear them say verbatim the exact same thing when the other is absent. Isn’t love grand? She’ll be thrilled to wake up to the finished pair of shoes. Meanwhile he’ll be lucky to get three hours sleep. All for the sake of love!
One Shoe down one more to go!

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