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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Gobbled up Thai Salad

This morning I'm making my version of a Thai salad, to stave off cooking in the afternoon heat. It requires a bit of chopping if you don't own a food processor.I do my vegetables in a small food processor that fits on my blender. This is a great way to integrate lots of vegetables into a meal for kids without them knowing it. I usually have a heaping pan full of veggies, when cooked and amalgamated with the noodles they appear as tiny morsels in the sauce.

Gobbled up Thai salad!

1 jar of Manzanah Thai Dressing can be found in ethnic section of your grocer
3 full table spoons of brown sugar
1/3 cup Soya sauce or at your discretion
1/3 cup Seasoned rice wine vinegar

2 bags of chow mien noodles

Finely chopped or processed
1 extra large or two small white or sweet onions
2 red peppers. 1 orange pepper and 1 yellow pepper
4 or 5 large carrots Finely chop all the vegetables

One cup of cashew nut pieces

1 pound of chicken skinless, boneless chicken breast cut in small cubes

Brown the chicken breast in a non stick pan, then add the onion, fry that all together
Add the carrots; at the end add the peppers

Stir fry for a bit then add the Manzanah Thai dressing, the brown sugar, rice wine vinegar and Soya sauce, let that cook on medium until the flavors marry.

Cook the noodles according to the package directions, then drain, put in a very large bowl
Add the cashews, then toss in all the vegetable

This will be spicy if you eat it hot. If you refrigerate it for a few hours, and eat it cold it is less spicy and equally delicious.

This is a wonderful dish to take to a BBQ, on a picnic or for pot luck. It’s always been a hit whenever I have made it.

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