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Monday, July 24, 2006

Happiness "The Highest Good"

Aristotle considered happiness "The Highest Good."

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Saturday evening I watched a documentary called “In pursuit of happiness”. Interviewed were many happy people and their perspectives on happiness. These interesting elements seem to factor into the happiness quotient.

helpful …volunteering and such
savor life

My friend’s ex sister-in-law was one of the participants in the program. She’s a wheel chair laden single mother, who has phenomenally raised two boys alone with not a great deal of help or money. Still, she’s managed to have overcome adversity and has a wonderful perspective on life. I would imagine how you handle adversity is probably a huge deciding factor to being happy.

It was interesting to see how people from a higher economic scale aren’t necessarily happier than those on the lower end of the financial spectrum. I concluded that happiness really is a state of mind and that one needs connection to others, a optimistic grateful perspective on life and to feel they have purpose in order to be happy.

Professor Sonja Lyunbomirsky asks these questions 1) What makes people happy? ; 2) Is happiness a good thing?; 3) How can we make people happier still? For more about happiness check out the following links.

The Happiness Show

Authentic Happiness

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Gemma said...

Yes...Happiness is a choice.
Glad it's my choice. In spite of difficulties there is always some humor or light or positive lesson to be learned. Alot of it stems from the way we 'think'.
Thoughts are things. Choose good ones.
Another :-)

giggles said...

Hi Gemma

I am usually very positive, and I do choose happiness, yet today I was having a little internal fight with myself. You sent me the perfect message to jolt me back to my reality!
It’s really phenomenal how we can affect others through cyber space! Thank-you for taking the time to make a comment, you made my day!!!
I have belonged to the www.tut.com website for sometime now! I just hooked my friends up on the weekend. I get such a chuckle out of those morning messages. They always seem appropriate. Isn’t it amazing how that works?

Peace and giggles Sherrie

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