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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Radical Purge

Yesterday I started my big purge. In order to stave off my depression era demeanor, and be ruthless, I am asking my self these questions. Do I love it, would I ever wear this again, is it possible to recycle any of this, and truthfully, will I follow through?

"Do I love it", is a huge question for me! It narrows the spectrum quite a bit. I find clothes and jewelry seem to have an emotional tie to my psyche. Although I would never wear them again, good memories seem to be my minds excuse for hanging on. Many things in the "do I love it” pile must be released.

Of course I am too young to have been through the depression era, but I was raised by parents who were. The “what if” is always factored in keeping the most idiotic things. It’s said that if you don’t use something for a full year it should be eliminated. How about ten or twenty years? Yes that’s pretty embarrassing; I think I’ve been in a coma!

Most of my, “what if’s” revolve around weight. What if I lose weight, I could fit this or that? Would I really want to though? Yuck, I doubt it. What if it comes back in style again? Ewww...... been there, done that, besides there is always a different slant on things when the style returns. What if there’s not enough money to buy another? Funny how we come up with the money for items we desire. Of course I wonder, what if I need that one day? As though there would be a major crisis if I dispersed of something that I needed. I doubt it, I’m sure I would suffice.

While purging, my creative mind is in action. Asking myself if I recycle the junk jewelry, do I love it enough to repeatedly look at it again for another period of time. Surprisingly the answer is, probably not. Although some of my bohemian style items I have trouble parting with, because I love them like an old friend. There is also the side of me that enjoys being somewhat trendy. Which should make it easy for me to liberate a dress from my closet purchased in the nineties, even if it is made with incredible material, right? Well, I may use that material. Or am I fooling myself......... possibly! This time I promised myself to be ruthless. What am I thinking, cleaving these things so long? I think I have issues. Laugh out loud.

I’ll let you know more tomorrow about my process of releasing accoutrements from the eighties and nineties. Did I just say that!! Goodness that’s bad!!! I also did a google search about purging and spirituality. I found this wonderful blog called “Wise woman shining” which I plan to put in favorites. I’ve always known you have to release certain possession from your life in order to attract new things in. For the time being I am just trying to simplify my life so I can be more creative.

The picture is a character I drew named Jacob. I enjoy his face and thought I might share him. I should draw him with a bull whip, standing over me, forcing me to clear all the unnecessary crap out of my life!!

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