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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thrift store Vase

The cable guy came to check out my computer yeaterday! What a pain, I keep getting booted off every couple hours; it’s a quick procedure to get back on, but so annoying. Also it takes hours for a post to show up on my blog. What’s with that? It sure makes the editing difficult, no room for mistakes. Blogger picture downloads have been complex too!

These are three pictures I created on the computer paint program as rough drafts for a larger version that I want to do for my loft. I was experimenting with different color combos. The paint program doesn't give me the exact colors I am aiming for. The idea for this piece of art to be, was inspired by a vase I got at a thrift store for two dollars. I love the color combinations. Not the usual colors that attract my eye. The shape and the pattern really drew me in! It has an unnoticeable pinhole chip on the top, really no big deal for something that sits right above my computer and gives me great pleasure.

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