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Friday, July 21, 2006

Goddess Picnic on the Beach!

Barb,Chris, Laura and Sherrie.

Nothing too good for the goddesses, we had candles flickering soon after susnset, at the envy of all the Crescent Beach onlookers.

I hesitated to edit these pictures, which look very gothic. Instead I chose to leave us looking like mysterious goddesses gathering in the night.

Laura's delicious iced angel food cake, served with blueberries and cool whip was quickly melting in last night’s extreme heat!

Janice seemed to enjoy the celebration of her thirty fifth birthday, as did we

Warm right up until midnight, we almost had a police escort off the beach, as a very sweet young woman officer answered a call that people were camping on the shore. She was notably relieved to find only a gathering of peaceful goddesses, packed up and on their way home, soon after a conversation of quantum physics. How threatening could that be? It was hard to vacate the beach knowing our homes had endured escalating heat over the evening, rendering them sweat boxes.

Lots has changed with this group over the years, yet its always fun to connect and make merry!

On the way home we drove by a movie set in White Rock. The equipment was phenomenal! There was a bustle of people everywhere, working into the night. I'm sure the heat has adverse affects on production, making it more difficult to shoot during the day. Apparently Danny Devito is filming the movie "Deck the Halls" with Mathew Brodrick due out in November.It was amazing to see a huge house decked out in fake snow on some of the hottest days in summer!!!

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