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Saturday, July 01, 2006

White Rock

Yesterday was my first summer trek to White Rock beach. A child wailed for a small interval. I cranked the sound on my small radio to summon a reaction, granny finally picked up the distraught child out of the buggy. Convulsive cries for close to a half hour were extremely upsetting to both, Kym and I. Kym suggested we covertly slip a note in the diaper bag saying, your child cried for a half hour and no one tended to them. We didn’t. For the most part, it was a perfect day on the beach, sumptuous and peaceful after that episode. Hot puffs of wind graced our backs as we played scrabble, browsed the stores, had gelato, drank Strawberry lemonades and ate crab dip!

A hint of Canada Day adorned two homes on the main drag of the beach, with flags hanging off the verandas! OHHH Canada how we love thee!

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