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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Celebrating Canada!

A sea of people filled the Millennium park in Cloverdale British Columbia in Celebration of Canada Day. Chilliwack and Tom Cochrane were the feature bands. Not particularly my favorite, it made an enjoyable ambience for the night. Past years there was a moderate crowd, now there are too many people. By the stage was always a phenomenal dance space, now it’s a giant mosh pit, with out the moshing. Hundreds of R.C.M.P scattered amongst the crowd predicting potential problems and directing traffic. It was too hot on arrival at dinner! In the evening it was over wrought with people and each maneuver was difficult. The heat and crowd made for a few Mister grumpy pants on site.
We had a great crowd of friends there which always makes for a fun evening! We had a great picnic; the kids ate mini donuts and kettle corn. The fireworks at the end were mediocre, last year was spectacular! There will be no celebration next year, at that park; sadly the future plans include a convention center!

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