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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Eye to I

Sunday scribblings I can still.....

Eye can be surprised, grateful, silly and fun
Eye can be sensitive, sarcastic, savvy and sexy
Eye can be contented, vulnerable, skeptical, and fooled
Eye can be disappointed, hopeful, open and hurt

Eye can be pensive, sad, teased and loved
Eye sees all emotion

I can still......

I can still delve far beyond my capabilities to see what is hiding within
I can forage my mind and soul to find forgiveness for the unforgivable
Love for the unlovable, and hope for the hopeless, and faith for the unbelievable

I can still be eternally youthful, although my body defies me
I can learn new things, enjoy new ideas and be open to change
listen more attentively, speak less, and dissuade guilt

I can still assist young people when no one hears them accurately
I can enjoy what they have to teach me, because I am still learning
while staying aware in this rapidly changing world of anger and violence

I can still observe things in my most unique way despite opposition
I can stay loyal to my conviction although the cost at times can be extremely high
I can filter propaganda fed to me on television, and by mainstream philosophy

I can still honor my most valued asset, my intuition while heeding its gifts
I can enjoy human frailties in all their complexities, void of judgment
Looking for clarification, resolution and absolve

I can still be a women who sets boundaries around food, friends, and family
I can stay true to the person I am still becoming, reveling in my new self discovery
Pulling more of myself to the surface to share as a legacy

I can still be thin, and find a mate who mirrors me in ideals, ethics, and attitude
A man who shares common interests in music, words, art and people
I can still be a woman who has it all, abundance in peace, love and joy!

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