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Friday, August 25, 2006

Illustration Friday Match

Illustration Friday “Match” Sometimes things are a great match, other times they’re not. My mother was quite blatant in her disdain for tastes differing from her own. My father, slightly more philosophical seemed to understand and appreciate the unique differences in others. He could often be heard saying “Each to their own, said the man as he kissed the cow". I think this quote originated from his Scottish roots.

I drink in the variation like a great bottle of wine. High on the creative process, and the way others express themselves. Enjoying its availability, admiring the diversity, and at times, feeling inspired by it. I appreciate the way people convey their creativity and present themselves and their surroundings. Life would be way too boring if everything was the same.

My goddess friends individually have different tastes, yet we share many common threads. I love all the unique flavors my artistic friends possess; as a group, we're a perfect match!

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Gemma said...

Your recent posts are so good....love the art and Einstein quote...Music poem and of course the way we all match is part of that ONE big picture the universe (Uni-meaning one) (Verse-song)

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