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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Appealing artists, My 150th Post

Thomas C. Fedro "Faces 262" "Faces 148"


" Queen of Something or Other Tiara"
" Spiro Gyro"

Abril Zachiel Andrade "Tea cup" and "Eyes "

I’ve had a rough couple of days. It appears that others have had some disarray in their lives as well. Must be something in the air! I am taking comfort looking though some inspiring art at EBSQ, a site for self representing artists. Thomas C Fedro is my favorite so far, with his distinct flare, and incredible use of color. You can spot his compositions immediately on any thumbnail page.

I have an absurd attraction to stain glass, an overwhelming feeling of happiness and contentment showers me when I enter a stain glass art store.Dianne McGhee is also a favorite, with her gorgeous stain glass pieces. I am taken in by her art, especially the beautiful tiara.

Abril Zachiel Andrade captures an obscure haunting vision on canvas, yet there’s somewhat of a sense of humor in the uniqueness. I enjoy her gothic color work.

I love Amanda Hone’s wonderful command of color in her many pieces of patterned art, but I am not so attracted to her drawings, I find them a little too depressing or angry for my taste.

Art for every flavor can be found at EBSQ, if you aren’t familiar with this site, you’ll be surprised at the allure of all the variation! Enjoy!

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